Uzbekistan Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Uzbekistan has a relatively dense network of roads in the east of the country, which is also by far the most densely populated. The country has no real highways, but it does have an extensive network of roads with 2×2 lanes. These are often simple roads that do not have highway characteristics,… Read More »

United States Road Network

The Interstate Highway network. The ‘High Five Interchange’ in Dallas, Texas. According to wholevehicles, the road network in the United States is extensive, with approximately 11.5 million kilometers of public roads, two-thirds of which are in urban areas. This includes approximately 108,000 kilometers of highways, which are largely formed by the Interstate Highways, but also… Read More »

United Kingdom Road Network

Motorways According to wholevehicles, the UK’s motorway network is quite small, with approximately 3,200 kilometers of motorway, considerably lower than in other major European countries. The highways almost all have 2×3 lanes or more, and are extremely busy, with long-haul highways consistently handling traffic volumes of more than 100,000 vehicles per day. The M25 forms… Read More »

United Arab Emirates Road Network

The highways in the United Arab Emirates. An example of the very large-scale road infrastructure. According to wholevehicles, the United Arab Emirates has an extensive network of roads, especially around Dubai and Abu Dhabi there is an extensive network of highways that are often wide, with 2×4 to 2×6 lanes, occasionally up to 2×8 lanes.… Read More »

Ukraine Road Network

The main road network (M) of Ukraine. According to wholevehicles, Ukraine has a fairly extensive road network of major highways, the quality of which varies widely, from good modern roads to major roads between major cities that are in catastrophic condition. Ukraine has the worst maintained road network in Europe, many roads have not been… Read More »

Uganda Road Network

Uganda’s A-roads. Main road network According to wholevehicles, Uganda’s National Road Network (NRN) includes 21,010 kilometers of road, of which 5,370 kilometers were paved by 2021. The NRN also includes ten ferry services. The road network is divided into classes A, B, C and M (motorways). Uganda’s road network is not very extensive, but the… Read More »

Turkmenistan Road Network

The R1 from Ashgabat to Darvaza with 2×3 lanes. Turkmenistan’s main road network. According to wholevehicles, Turkmenistan has a thin road network, a result of its low population density. There are only a small number of through roads, of variable standard, some roads also count 2×2 or even 2×3 lanes outside Ashgabat, but many other… Read More »

Turkey Road Network

Turkey ‘s otoyol. According to wholevehicles, Turkey has an extensive network of roads connecting all parts of the country. The road network is divided into highways (otoyollar), state roads (devlet yolları) and provincial roads (İl yolları). These roads together cover 65,000 kilometers. The network of fully-fledged motorways is relatively small, covering 3,503 kilometers as of… Read More »

Thailand Road Network

According to wholevehicles, Thailand has a fairly dense road network, partly due to the many small and medium-sized cities that contribute to a high population density in Central Thailand. The road network comprises approximately 68,000 kilometers of road, the vast majority of which is paved. There are relatively few highways in Thailand, a distinction is… Read More »

Tanzania Road Network

The trunk roads of Tanzania. The country has a network of 36,258 kilometers of road in 2018, divided into trunk roads (12,222 km) and regional roads (23,512 km). About two thirds of the trunk roads are paved, 8,211 of the 12,222 kilometers. Less than 10% of the regional roads is paved, namely 1,508 of the… Read More »

Tajikistan Road Network

The Tunnel Khatlon of the RB04. The RB05 as a gravel road over the Ak-Baital Pass. According to wholevehicles, Tajikistan has a thin and underdeveloped road network. Due to the mountainous nature, traveling on most routes is very time consuming. A network of national trunk roads (роҳи байналмилалӣ (Rohi ʙajnalmilalī), prefix ‘RB’) form the main… Read More »

Taiwan Road Network

Taiwan’s road network is classified into four tiers: 1: National Highways: 1 – 10 2: Provincial Highways: 1 – 28, 61 – 88 3: County Routes: 101 – 205 4: Township Routes According to wholevehicles, Taiwan’s road network is quite dense in the western coastal strip from Taipei to Kaohsiung, where most major cities are… Read More »

Ruined City of Greater Zimbabwe (World Heritage)

The ruined city of Greater Zimbabwe is the largest pre-colonial stone structure south of the Sahara. The settlement was discovered in 1871 by the German Africa explorer Karl Mauch. The monumental city complex, which is surrounded by a 10 m high wall, was built between the 11th and 15th centuries and was probably the center… Read More »

Sabid Medina (World Heritage), Yemen

Sabid was the capital of Yemen from the 13th to the 15th centuries. The city has a fort, four city gates and houses decorated with stucco. The numerous mosques and religious schools include the Great Mosque and the ruins of the university, which for a long time played an important role in the Arab and… Read More »

Prehistoric Settlements and Tombs in Oman (World Heritage)

The remains of the Bronze Age settlements and necropolises date from the 3rd millennium BC. The necropolis of Al-Ain with its numerous beehive-shaped graves indicates that this area was once densely populated and played a major role in copper processing. Check clothingexpress for information about World Heritage Sites in Oman. Prehistoric Settlement and Tombs in Oman:… Read More »

Qatar History, Politics, Geography and Demographics

Qatar (Arab. قطر ‎ = Qaṭar), officially the State of Qatar (Arab. دولة قطر ‎ = Dawlat Qaṭar), is a country in the Middle East. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia in the south, the Persian Gulf in the west, north and east. Check clothingexpress for information about Qatar. History During the pre-Islamic era, the peninsula… Read More »

Western Sahara History

The original inhabitants of the Western Sahara were Berber tribes who practiced cattle breeding. Arab wars of conquest reached the region in the 6th century. In the 8th–11th centuries it belonged to the Kingdom of Ghana and in the 11th–12th centuries to the Almoravid Empire. From the 11th century, the region Arabized and embraced Islam.… Read More »

Fan Rang, Vietnam

Phan Rang is a resort on the coast of the East Sea in South Vietnam. This is a small quiet town, which is great for families with children. There are few tourists here, especially foreign ones, so there are practically no entertainments here, except for beaches. Those who love solitude will also like it here:… Read More »

Truskavets, Ukraine

Truskavets is located 100 km from Lviv in the valley of the northern foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at an altitude of 350 m above sea level. On the territory of the resort there are fourteen sources of mineral waters and deposits of “mountain wax” – ozocerite. The resort is very compact, gradually acquiring a… Read More »

How to Get to Seville, Spain

There are no direct flights from Russia to Seville, in any case, you will have to fly with a connection in Madrid or Barcelona (Aeroflot, Iberia), or through Malaga, which accepts charters from Moscow during the season. All these Spanish cities have several direct flights a day to the Andalusian capital of Seville, the flight… Read More »

Suzdal, Russia

Suzdal is a fabulously picturesque town in the Vladimir region, which is part of the Golden Ring of Russia. This is an open-air museum where unique ancient monuments are combined with natural splendor. The landscape characteristic of Suzdal is the white stone Kremlin walls along the banks of the river and the domes of churches… Read More »

Krakow, Poland

The full name of Krakow sounds like this: Capital Royal City of Krakow. And he really justifies such a solemn name. Despite the fact that this large city in the south of Poland has long ceased to be the capital, it retains the dignity and beauty of the country’s main settlement. And royal chic is… Read More »

Groningen, Netherlands

If you look at a map of the Netherlands and take into account Dutch distances, Groningen seems far from everywhere, but appearances, as they say, are deceiving. Groningen is the largest, funniest student city in the north of the Netherlands. Its 20,000 students keep the city’s nightlife alive, while art museums, a theater and a… Read More »

Queretaro, Mexico

Querétaro is a large city in the heart of Mexico, founded almost 500 years ago; for two centuries, Spanish colonists and Otomi Indians coexisted relatively peacefully in it. Querétaro even managed to be the capital of the country, and even twice – in the middle of the 19th century and at the beginning of the… Read More »

Rezekne, Latvia

Rezekne is the seventh largest city in Latvia and the cultural capital of Latgale, one of the country’s four historical regions. It is located in a beautiful valley between the two highest Latvian mountains and between the two largest lakes in Latvia. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Latvia. The old architecture has been preserved… Read More »

Kenya Travel Information

Communication and Wi-Fi The key mobile operators in Kenya are Safaricom, Telkom, Yu and Airtel. The quality of communication in large cities does not cause any complaints, in remote provinces there may be interruptions. A SIM card can be purchased immediately upon arrival at the airport or at providers’ offices on the central city streets,… Read More »

Niseko, Japan

The ski resort of Niseko is a special place, because here about 15 m of snow falls per season – more than anywhere else in Japan ! So from a distance, small buildings look like mushrooms with huge snow-white hats. Fascinating mountain landscapes and magical snowfalls contributed to the fact that the small 5,000-strong village… Read More »

Morjim and Palolem, India

Morjim, India Morjim is a resort on the Arabian Sea in North Goa. A Russian tourist will meet more compatriots here than in any other corner of India. Moreover, many of them live in Morjim permanently and do not plan to leave here. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to India. There are many Russian guest… Read More »