Travel to Tunisia

Area: 163,610 km² Residents: 11,299,400 (2016 estimate) Population density: 69 E / km² Form of Government: Republic System of Government: semi-presidential system Neighboring countries: Algeria, Libya Capital: Tunis National language: Arabic Religions: 98% Muslims (Islam) 0.015% Jews The constitution provides for the free exercise of faith as long as this does not disturb public order. Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND) 1 TND = 1,000 millimes… Read More »

Small Arms – Big Effects Part I

More than 200,000 people are killed every quarter year with small arms and light weapons (hereinafter: handguns). One reckons that there are approx. 875 million small arms worldwide – 650 million of them are in civilian hands. Control and regulation exist in the arms trade, but contain many weaknesses and loopholes. What does one mean… Read More »

Scotland Geography

Scotland – key data Land Area: 78,772 sq km Population: 5.2 million (2008 estimate). Composition: bulkheads 88%,English people 8%, Irish, Welsh and others 4%. Ethnic groups: Whites 97.99%, South Asians 1.09%, Blacks 0.16%, multiracial 0.25%, Chinese, 0.32%, others 0.19% (2001 census). Population density: 64 residents per square kilometer Capital: Edinburgh (463,510 residents, 2006) Highest point: Ben… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Iran

The rose-scented gardens of Shiraz, the old bazaars of Tehran as well as mosques and palaces full of mosaics and mirrors – these are just some of the advantages of a holiday in this country. According to Softwareleverage, Iran is a country with a long history and many traditions. The country has been a destination… Read More »

Sudan History Timeline

Sudan is a former English colony in Africa. The border countries are Egypt, Libya, Chad, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic. According to Franciscogardening, Sudan is Africa’s largest country and is divided into 3 regions: the Desert region (Sahara) in the north, the plains in the central… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Armenia

Experience the beautiful sights of the mountain ranges and extinct volcanoes and experience the generous warmth of the natives. Some of the popular cities such as Yerevan, Dilijan and Gyumri delight travelers with a multitude of cultural and ancient historical significance, art and culture festivals, limitless monasteries, beautiful mountain ranges, pleasant climate and a village-like… Read More »

England History Timeline

According to constructmaterials, England is the largest and most populous of the four constituent countries of Great Britain. The country’s residents make up more than 83% of the total population of Great Britain, and the English mainland makes up most of the southern two thirds of the island of Great Britain and shares borders with… Read More »

Sightseeing in Brazil

If you are traveling in Brazil, you should definitely see Rio de Janeiro. The city is the second largest in all of Brazil and is particularly known for its wonderful view from Corcovado. Rio de Janeiro was founded in the 16th century and was the capital of Brazil from the 18th century until 1960. Interesting… Read More »

Hong Kong History

Today’s Hong Kong was still a fishing village and pirate shelter at the beginning of the 19th century. When Great Britain recognized in the Opium War of 1840-42 the strategic and commercial possibilities of the place, which had been used by the British opium clippers since 1821 because of its protected harbor, the Treaty of… Read More »

Cultural Sights in Washington DC

If you are looking for culture, you will definitely find it in the city on your trip. It is worth taking the Cultural Tourism DC Neighborhood Heritage Trail at the beginning. This is a series of footpaths on which you can find out more about the different districts through various information boards. Highly recommended to… Read More »

Iran Economy

Agriculture According to rrrjewelry, the agricultural sector contributes around 10% to GDP, the share of employees is around 17%. One tenth of the total area of ​​Iran is used for arable farming, half of it is irrigated. Rain-fed agriculture is mainly used for growing grain in the winter-humid western mountainous regions. Irrigated agriculture has a… Read More »

Russia Theater

In Russia the theater, as it is understood today, was born very late: exactly on October 17, 1672, by a decision of Tsar Alexis who only a quarter of a century earlier had issued a decree to prohibit not only shows but even secular music., among other things ordering the destruction of all musical instruments.… Read More »

Montenegro Country Overview

Montenegro is located in southeastern Europe on the southern tip of the Adriatic coast. The country borders Serbia to the north, Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to the west. Montenegro is a sparsely populated mountainous region on the Adriaticand lies in the Southeast Dinarides. In the… Read More »

Rhodes, Greece

Greece is on Mediterranean Sea and borders on Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Greece is made up of the greek mainland at the southernmost end of the Balkans, the Peloponnese peninsula and numerous islands mainly in the Aegean Sea, in the Ionian Sea but also in the Libyan Sea. The Peloponnesian Peninsula is formed by… Read More »

Working and Living in Norway

Immigration, permanent residence, residence permit If you are staying in the country for more than three months, you will need to register with the police. After 5 years of uninterrupted residence, you have the right to permanent residence. Even if you are not obliged to apply, a permanent residence permit can have advantages, such as… Read More »

Amsterdam Sights

City highlights Anne Frankhuis In the rear building on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, the Jewish girl Anne Frank hid from July 6, 1942 to August 4, 1944 with her mother and sister as well as her father and four other people, before she was first transferred to the Westerbork Jewish transit camp after her arrest was… Read More »

Thailand Location and Climate

Thailand borders Laos to the northeast and east, Cambodia to the southeast, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south, the Andaman Sea to the southwest, Myanmar to the west and north. The core area of ​​Thailand is the basin of the Chao Phraya , in particular the alluvial plain surrounded by terraced and… Read More »

What is Site Reliability Engineering?

According to HOMETHODOLOGY, Site Reliability Engineering or SRE for short is one of service management models developed by Google. The development and operation of large distributed systems are closely linked. The regulatory processes represent a concretization of the DevOps philosophy. Site Reliability Engineers build a bridge between development and operations by applying a software engineering… Read More »

What are AOT compiler and W3C?

What is an AOT compiler? The Ahead-of-Time compiler, or AOT for short, does the job of complete compilation before the code reaches the functional level responsible for execution. The functional principle of the AOT.Compiler is thus in direct competition with the JIT compiler. Compiling – a form of implementation When compiling (assembling, collating) is a… Read More »

Cities and Places in Guyana

Cities and places in Guyana Kaieteur National Park In the heart of Guyana, in the Potaro-Siparuni region, lies the Kaieteur National Park. It is the only national park in the country and was established in 1929. In the nature reserve, which is characterized by an extremely high biodiversity, are the famous and more than impressive… Read More »

Thailand Arts and Music

CULTURE: TRADITIONS In Thailand, despite the openness to all forms of progress, there is a deep attachment to traditions, which unites all social strata. The cycle of life, from birth to death, is linked to numerous beliefs and superstitions, such as the fear of evil spirits (phi), death understood as a positive and happy event,… Read More »

What is the DalvikVM?

According to THEINTERNETFAQS, the DalvikVM is a virtual machine developed by Google for Android. Your task as a Java Virtual Machine is to translate a Java-based app from bytecode into machine-readable code in real time. DalvikVM: Overview and general information about the virtual machine The Google employee Dan Bornstein, who named the virtual machine after… Read More »

What does “stateless” mean?

According to GROWTHEOLOGY, statelessness is the property of protocols and applications to treat each interaction as a separate, self-contained process. In contrast, stateful systems need to store session data. Web applications, cloud systems and other client-server architectures can either be stateful or stateless. Choosing the right method is crucial because both concepts have their advantages and disadvantages. What is… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Economy

ECONOMY Economically, Saudi Arabia relies almost entirely on oil. Thanks to it, the country has recently been able to initiate a process of transformation that has been delayed only by the conservatism of the Wahhabi dynasty. The accession to the throne of King Fayṣal, however, marked a turning point in a progressive sense, leading to… Read More »

Thailand Geography

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY Thailand occupies the relatively low central section of the Indochinese peninsula, extending from N to S for approx. 1700 km, with a maximum width of approx. 800 km. The territory largely corresponds to a large depression area, invaded in the Cenozoic era by the waters of the Gulf of Siam and subsequently filled… Read More »

What is the Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation, or LF for short, is a non-profit technology consortium with more than 1,000 members. The objective is to finance open source developments in IT. The foundation operates in coordination with Linux mastermind Linus Torwalds. Linux Foundation – “home address” for open source projects According to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI, the Linux Foundation is considered the… Read More »

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a platform for developing standalone JavaScript programs that run independently of host applications such as web browsers. It can be used to program server-side scripts, network tools and web apps, among other things. Story and motivation Originally, JavaScript was only designed as an integrated scripting language for web browsers and other applications. Under the catchphrase “JavaScript everywhere”, Node .js wants… Read More »

Thailand Literature

The earliest testimony in the Thai language is constituted by the inscription of Rāma K’amhneg of 1292. A series of later inscriptions are attributed to King Lü Thai, but it is only with the reign of Ramath’ibodi I (1350-69) that the Thai literature begins to outline a systematic history, although a good part of the… Read More »

What is GraalVM?

GraalVM is an alternative to the JVM developed by Oracle, i.e. Java Virtual Machine. GraalVM should contribute with its functionality to the more powerful compilation of Java applications. As a polyglot VM, GraalVM can also integrate external libraries. The designation GraalVM is an abbreviation for “General Recursive Applicative and Algorithmic Language Virtual Machine”. The GraalVM… Read More »