Samoa Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Samoa is a tropical island country in the Pacific and is part of Oceania. Not yet discovered by mass tourism, there is a lot of original culture and beautiful nature to admire here. Life in Samoa is simple. Nevertheless, Samoa is an exciting and beautiful travel destination. Capital City Apia… Read More »

Romania Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, the often underestimated travel destination Romania borders on Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary. Not only is it home to the Dracula legend, but it is also full of beautiful landscapes, impressive churches and abounds in wonderful hiking areas. Capital City Bucharest Size 238,391 km² Resident 20,121,600 Official Language Romanian… Read More »

Portugal Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe and has only one neighboring country – Spain. The island of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic also belong to Portugal. Magnificent landscapes, exciting, colorful cities and the wild Atlantic make the country a really great and varied travel destination. Capital City… Read More »

Poland Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, our neighboring country Poland borders not only on the Federal Republic but also on the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The often underestimated and very hospitable travel destination offers breathtaking nature with 23 national parks and the largest variety of animals in Europe. Capital City Warsaw Size… Read More »

Peru Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Peru is located in South America, bordering Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. The third largest country on the continent is rich in culture, nature and beautiful landscapes. The Andes, the Amazon, rainforests – there is a lot to discover! Capital City Lima Size 1.285.216 km² Resident 31.237.385 Official Language… Read More »

Norway Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Norway borders Sweden to the east and Finland and Russia to the northeast. In terms of landscape, the country is perhaps one of the most exciting countries in Europe. A long, wild coast, the fjords – Norway is rich in natural highlights. The country can be traveled very well by… Read More »

New Zealand Travel Facts

New Zealand is an isolated island nation in the South Pacific. The country consists of two large islands – the North and South Islands – and more than 700 smaller islands. Australia is not too far away and yet New Zealand is very different. Beautifully landscaped and unique, it is one of the geologically youngest… Read More »

Netherlands Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, the Netherlands is one of the four autonomous countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The European country borders Germany & Belgium and has a long North Sea coast. The landscape is rather flat and unspectacular, but thanks to exciting cities and a lot of atmosphere, it still offers some… Read More »

Namibia Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Namibia is located in southwest Africa, bordering Angola , Botswana and South Africa . Characterized by the Namib desert along the Atlantic coast and a diverse range of wildlife, the country is an attractive travel destination for Africa fans. Numerous national parks and exciting landscapes quickly captivate visitors. Capital City… Read More »

Myanmar Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Myanmar borders China, Thailand, Laos, India and Bangladesh. Tourism is not yet very widespread. Many parts of the country still seem very original, and some are not even accessible to foreigners. But it is precisely the culture, the many temples and pagodas, as well as impressive landscapes that make Myanmar… Read More »

Mozambique Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Mozambique in southeast Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country borders with Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland. Despite beautiful nature and some really beautiful nature parks and reserves, Mozambique is one of the more challenging travel destinations due to its poor tourist… Read More »

Morocco Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Morocco is located in northern Africa and borders Algeria. The border with the territory of the Western Sahara is disputed. The area has been claimed by Morocco since its release from Spanish colonial rule. In the north, only the Strait of Gibraltar separates the country from the European continent and… Read More »

Mongolia Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Mongolia is a coastless country bordering only China and Russia. The country is characterized by the Mongolian steppe and impressive landscapes such as the Gobi desert. There is hardly any tourist infrastructure, but those who love nature and freedom will find an impressive travel destination in this simple country. However,… Read More »

Micronesia Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, the Federated States of Micronesia is an island country in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The federation includes the states of Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap. The islands are very scenic and mostly covered with rainforest. There are fantastic diving areas in Micronesia. Capital City Palikir Size 702… Read More »

Mexico Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Mexico is located in North America, bordered by the United States to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the south. Ancient pyramids and places of worship, fantastically beautiful beaches, deserts and pine forests – Mexico has many exciting sides. However, when traveling across the country, travelers should always pay… Read More »

Mauritius Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Mauritius is an island country in the east of the African continent – about 870 kilometers east of Madagascar. The national territory also includes Rodrigues, the Cargados-Carajos Islands and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius offers fantastically beautiful nature, varied landscapes, wonderful beaches and is therefore an inspiring travel destination. Capital City… Read More »

Marshal Islands Travel Facts

The Marshall Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean belonging to Micronesia. Once used for nuclear weapons tests, today they are an insider tip for a holiday in the Pacific with their beautiful reefs and underwater world. Unfortunately, the Marshall Islands are also severely threatened by rising sea levels worldwide. Capital City… Read More »

Maldives Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, the Maldives is both a state and an archipelago. They are located in the Indian Ocean west of Sri Lanka and consist of almost 1200 islands. The Maldives are best known for luxury vacations. Nowadays, however, there are also great holiday opportunities for the smaller budget on the local islands.… Read More »

Mexican Cuisine

When we think of Mexican cuisine, tacos, quesadillas, tortillas and salsa come to mind first of all. Many consider Mexican cuisine to be spicy and oily, not for those with a tender stomach. But not only spicy dishes are popular in Mexico. Mexican cuisine is very diverse and has a rich history. According to allcountrylist,… Read More »

Malaysia Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Malaysia is considered a modern and largely safe travel destination. It borders Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand and consists of two parts – the island of Borneo and the Malay Peninsula. Capital City Kuala Lumpur Size 330.290 km² Resident 32.382.300 Official Language Malaysian, English Currency Ringgit Time Zone UTC+8 Telephone Area… Read More »

Luxembourg Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Luxembourg borders Belgium, Germany and France. Together with the Netherlands and Belgium, it belongs to the BeNeLux countries. In addition to numerous magnificent castles, beautiful countryside and a charming capital, the country is also known as the seat of important European institutions such as the European Court of Justice. Capital… Read More »

Liechtenstein Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world and is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland. In addition to the capital Vaduz and a few beautiful castles, there are also great cycling and hiking trails to discover on just around 160 square meters of land. Capital City Vaduz Size 160,5… Read More »

Kiribati Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Kiribati is an island nation in the Pacific that is threatened with extinction within the next 80 years or so. The 33 islands are on average only around 2 meters above the constantly rising sea level, which will eventually lead to flooding and uninhabitability. Kiribati is a country that has… Read More »

Kenya Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Kenya is located in East Africa and borders Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Beautiful beaches and a rich wildlife are among the highlights of the country. However, as a traveler you should be well informed about the security in the country. Capital City Nairobi Size 580.367 km² Resident… Read More »

Jordan Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Jordan is located on the Arabian Peninsula and borders Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The kingdom is home to exciting landscapes full of rough canyons, mountains and deserts. The culturally rich country not only includes one of the 7 modern wonders of the world, but also… Read More »

Japan Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Japan is a country in the Pacific consisting of 4 main islands and around 6800 smaller islands. The Land of the Rising Sun borders South Korea, North Korea, China and Russia. Exciting culture, great temples and the traditional cherry blossom are just 3 of many reasons to travel to this… Read More »

Jamaica Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba and west of the island of Hispaniola. The island state is famous for its rum, for beautiful beaches, a relaxed life and of course its beautiful nature. Jamaica is considered the greenest island in the Caribbean and has, among other… Read More »

Italy Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Italy is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is a popular holiday destination for many Germans. The country borders directly on Switzerland, Austria, San Marino, France, Slovenia and the Vatican. The latter is a city-state within Rome. Italy offers beautiful, varied, Mediterranean landscapes, has beautiful islands and impressive cities that… Read More »

Israel Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Israel is located in the Middle East and borders Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. In contrast to the neighboring countries, Israel is considered a very safe travel destination. A diverse cuisine, exciting culture, varied landscapes and friendly people usually surprise first-time travelers in a very positive way. Israel is a… Read More »

Ireland Travel Facts

Based on map by DigoPaul, Ireland is commonly known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, and with good reason. The neighboring country of Great Britain is scenically beautiful. If you like nature, you will love Ireland. There are also the many small monasteries, palaces and castles, the unique atmosphere and exciting cities and places like Dublin in… Read More »