Yaremche, Ukraine

By | November 25, 2022

Yaremche is an ancient Hutsul city located on the banks of the Prut River, surrounded by the mountains of the Carpathian Natural National Park. The town is considered one of the most environmentally friendly in Ukraine – there has never been an industrial production in Yaremche. Since the century before last, Yaremche has been chosen as a vacation spot by magnates from Poland and Austria-Hungary. Here you can relax all year round and at any age. Now young people come to Yaremche for skiing, rafting and hiking, older people have the opportunity to improve their health in sanatoriums. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and you can safely walk along the brightly lit central streets of Yaremche even at night.

In summer it is warm and slightly cloudy here: the average July temperature is +18С, the winter is mild: the average January temperature is -6С.

How to get to Yaremche

By rail, Yaremche can be reached from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvov and Kyiv. The recently launched high-speed rail bus route (a Europeanized type of electric train) delivers tourists from Lviv in 4 hours.

On the Ivano-Frankivsk-Uzhgorod highway, you can get to Yaremche from the regional center of Ivano-Frankivsk by minibuses that depart every half an hour (distance 65 kilometers). Buses arrive in Yaremche from Ternopil (4 hours on the road), Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi.


Shuttle buses run around the city. From Yaremche it is easy to get to almost all the tourist places of the Carpathians, and, most importantly, the nearest ski resorts: the slopes of Bukovel and the ski jump Vorokhta. The minibus goes to Bukovel in 50 minutes, if you prefer a taxi, then you can get there in 20-30 minutes (the trip will cost 150-200 UAH).

Tracks in Yaremche

The main place of skiing, of course, is located in nearby Bukovel (30 kilometers), Vorokhty, Dragobrat and Yablunitsy. However, you can go skiing without leaving Yaremche – on the slopes of Mount Bagrivets.

Two ski slopes (which are more suitable for beginners) with a length of 200 and 300 meters and a height difference of 100 meters are equipped with rope tows (the cost of lifting is 20 UAH). At the foot of the slope you can rent skis (90 UAH for the whole day), snowboard and sledges. Individual lessons with an instructor will cost from 100 UAH per hour. At the top there is a cafe serving tea, coffee and hot house wine. From the center of Yaremche to the ski lifts can be reached on foot.

Cuisine and restaurants

The best restaurant in Yaremche is “Hutsulshchyna”, located in the original building, built without a single nail. Here, surrounded by carved interiors, you can eat a lot of original mushroom dishes, listen to folk music. Also famous among tourists is the kolyba (traditional Transcarpathian mountain cafe with a hearth in the middle), located in the Krasna sadyba hotel – where at reasonable prices (about 300 UAH for two) you can enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy atmosphere. You can have a budget lunch at the Grazhda restaurant.

The main feature of the Hutsul cuisine, which is present in the menu of all restaurants in Yaremche, is mushrooms, of course, porcini, fried in sour cream or pickled.

In addition to mushrooms, restaurants and cafes in Yaremche offer tourists mountain trout seasoned with various sauces, or simply grilled. As a side dish, we recommend trying banosh – delicious corn porridge with sour cream. As an appetizer, Hutsul cheese is suitable, which has nothing to do with its store-bought relatives, it is dry and very salty, tastes like parmesan.


Yaremche is famous for its souvenir markets, where you can buy ceramics, caskets, carpets, metal and leather products, richly embroidered clothes, musical instruments and bath and sauna accessories.

Excursions, attractions and entertainment Yaremche

In the city itself, you can visit two wooden churches of the 17th-18th centuries – St. John the Merciful and Mikhailovskaya, as well as the Kovpak-Rudnev Museum of Partisan Glory.

In the vicinity of Yaremche, you can walk along the trail of Dovbush (the hero of Hutsul legends – Robin Hood of these places), explore the cave named after him, go to the Probiy waterfall and mineral springs, join the walking tour “Life of the Carpathian forest” and visit enclosures with wild boars and wild boars along the way. reindeer, go on a hike to the highest point in Ukraine – Mount Hoverla or feel like a real beekeeper on a walk “rest and beekeeping”. Hiking in the mountains to the Hutsul shepherds, who live according to the customs of their ancestors and make sheep cheese in traditional ways, is always popular.

In a day, by bus, minibus or as part of tourist groups, you can get to the Zhenetsky waterfall, Manyavsky skit, the ancient Svirzh and Zolochiv castles and the geographical center of Europe, located near the town of Rakhiv.

For lovers of outdoor activities, rafting on the full-flowing and rapids river Prut, extreme mount-bike, and quad biking will become a real adventure. Great impressions leave cycling on the surrounding roads, as well as horseback riding. In winter, you can ride horse-drawn sledges and snowmobiles.

Events in Yaremche

Yaremche entertains its guests with colorful holidays, such as the international Hutsul festival, the Wild Fire bike-rock fest. In the city, Christmas festivities are held on a grand scale, as well as City Day, which falls on the last Sunday of July.

Yaremche, Ukraine