Yakhroma, Russia

By | November 25, 2022

The city, which is in the northern part of the Moscow region, until recently was a workers’ settlement. On the bank of the river of the same name, 6 km from Dmitrov, the weaving factory of the merchant I. A. Lyamin (Pokrovskaya manufactory) worked, around which the settlement unfolded. Only in 1940, Yakhroma was recognized as a city, and after another 70 years – a major ski resort in the capital region.

Yakhroma – these are two villages connected by a bridge across the canal. Moscow. For a good location on the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya mountain range, skiers have long chosen these places, and here the Yakhroma sports park appeared. On local slopes you can try skiing, snowboarding or tubing. And then – plunge into a lot of additional entertainment, see the dilapidated manufactory, the Trinity Cathedral and the famous lock number 3, decorated with copper caravels of Columbus.

How to get to Yakhroma

Only 47 km separate the Moscow Ring Road from Yakhroma. The path lies along the Dmitrov highway (highway A-104) in the direction of Dmitrov. After 42 km from the Moscow Ring Road, the road passes over the bridge over the railway tracks. Then you need to drive another 4-5 km before turning to Yakhroma.

You can leave your car in Yakhroma on a free parking lot in a sports park or hotel.

Car travel can be quite fast and comfortable if you manage to avoid traffic jams. Usually they catch on the outskirts of the capital, in Dolgoprudny and the Canal area. Moscow.

Bus number 401 runs from the Altufievo metro station to General Kuznetsov Square and further to Dmitrov. The journey without traffic jams takes an hour, the ticket costs about 200 RUB. The last flight from Moscow is at 20:30. The prices on the page are for May 2021.

Electric trains to Yakhroma depart from Moscow’s Savelovsky Station. There are many of them, you can leave every 30-60 minutes. There is a small break in traffic between 10:30 and 13:30. On average, the travel time to the ski town is 1 hour 15 minutes, the cost of the trip is 182 RUB. Residents of the Moscow region can take the train in Kubinka, Odintsovo, Zvenigorod, Golitsino.

Buses and minibuses No. 9 run from the Yakhroma platform to the city, a ticket costs 30 RUB. The distance to the center (Bolshevistskaya street) is small, 2.7 km – you can even overcome it on foot. Or take a taxi: the price tag for a trip around the city starts from 70 RUB. It is also easy to leave Yakhroma for Moscow at any time of the day, passing trains come here every hour.

Hotels in Yakhroma

In Yakhroma, you can choose accommodation near the slopes, in the ski park itself, or settle in the city, while saving a decent amount.

The sports park offers accommodation in hotels and cottages. An economical double room in Nirvana costs 7,000-10,000 RUB per night in summer and 10,000-15,000 RUB in winter. It is more profitable to live with a company of 5 people, in winter a room for everyone will cost 7500-11 500 RUB. You can check into a cottage from 7,000 RUB for two (during the ski season) or a luxury house for 10,000 RUB or more.

In city hotels, accommodation is more budgetary and there is no multiple price increase when it snows. A couple of guests can rent a room for an average of 1500-4000 RUB. But there is also elite housing – the Yakhroma chalet. A “postcard” house with a sauna and all kinds of technical benefits is rented in winter for 60,000 RUB and can accommodate 10 people.

Trails of the park “Yakhroma”

10 slopes of the park “Yakhroma” (web site) provide an opportunity for skiers of any level to show or hone their skills. On slope No. 1 there is a training area equipped with a baby lift and an observation deck for parents, and a tubing park with jumps and zigzags. You can also rent tubing here. On the second slope, gently sloping, 215 m long and 40 m in height, beginners will feel most comfortable, you can get to it on a drag lift. Slope No. 3 is designed for experienced skiers, its length is 259 m, the height difference is 50 m. Various competitions are regularly held on it, including the Cup of Russia. Two towing lifts will deliver skiers to the slope.

The 4th slope, suitable for extreme skiing, is distinguished by the greatest length (600 m) and height difference (60 m); a towing lift leads to it. In addition to skiing itself, the Yakhroma park offers a variety of attractions in the amusement park. Toboggan (the first in Russia) is a rail track with turns, along which self-propelled carts move, accelerating under the weight of the riders. A huge ice rock where, under the guidance of instructors, you can try yourself in extreme rock climbing. And also – ride in a zorb, ride a snowmobile, fly a helicopter.

Ski pass

A ski pass costs from 200 RUB for 5 lifts on weekdays to 300 RUB on weekends; the price of an unlimited ski pass on weekdays is 2000 RUB. If you plan to ride in the Yakhroma park regularly, then the most economical option would be a club card that includes a ski pass, rental, toboggan, tubing and an entrance ticket to the aqua center. You can buy a card only for a ski pass or for a lift plus rental.

Everything you need for skiing and snowboarding can be rented. Renting a complete snowboard or ski kit costs from 800 RUB for the first hour and from 300 for each subsequent hour.


Grab a bite between races or unwind after a day of skiing at the bistro, two restaurants and three bars. Despite the fact that the Boyarsky restaurant is luxurious and decorated in the Baroque style (which is only worthy of golden tablecloths on the tables), the prices here are quite moderate. But the Ya-Pasta restaurant is more democratic, serving Italian cuisine (there is a children’s menu).

Karusel Bistro is decorated in an eclectic style (anime characters on snowboards flaunt under the ceiling) and offers a wide selection of Russian and Ukrainian dishes. In the small bar Giom’s Cafe, romantic couples can retire for coffee and cakes or, more importantly in winter, for a glass of mulled wine.

Grill bar Giom’s Grill Restaurant, decorated in the style of a Ukrainian farm, will delight you with a variety of meat dishes and decent portions. Fans of modern design, the opportunity to dance to trendy music and watch shows or reports from the slopes on the big screen will appreciate the atmosphere of the Giom’s Club Restaurant extreme bar.

Large vacation companies rent a cozy grill house “Troll”, which has everything you need for barbecue. For relaxation, you can go to the Medved bath complex or the Orange Spa.

Events in Yakhroma Park

The park periodically hosts various winter festivals. Regular events include the Audi Stars Cup tournament, Volkswagen & Audi Festival car rallies, BMW Festival. As part of the first event, the mastery of slalom descent is shown by Russian “stars” of show business. And at the congresses of motorists, the owners and fans of these cars demonstrate their tuned “swallows”.

5 things to do in Yakhroma

  1. Ride the snow slides in every possible way.
  2. After – bask in a cozy cafe or bath.
  3. Learn winter drifting at the Extreme Driving Center.
  4. Understand what is cooler – Toboggan or Rollercoaster.
  5. Walk along the gateway number 3.

Yakhroma for children

Children in Yakhroma – to be! And in any season. In winter, a ski school operates on the territory of the park, instructors teach children skiing (from 5 years old) and snowboarding (seven-year-olds and older). Ice lovers will find a skating rink where local animators will diversify the rides with games and contests. Skate rental costs 250 RUB for the first hour and 100 RUB for subsequent hours. And the loudest delight among kids and teenagers is riding on an inflatable “cheesecake” (tubing). For an hour of renting a sled on weekdays, you will have to pay 500 RUB, on weekends – 600 RUB.

If it’s not colder than -13 ° C outside, and the child is not shy, you can tickle your nerves together on the Toboggan ride. A special trolley with a breeze will speed you along the rails for 250 RUB, a children’s ticket costs 150 RUB.

In summer, Yakhroma Park offers relaxation on a small beach with sun loungers and children’s attractions. You can rent a bike or scooter, drive children’s cars, play badminton and ping-pong. Diversify your sports activities with a walk in the city park or a breathtaking flight in the sky over Yakhroma in a hot air balloon (from 9900 RUB).

Weather in Yakhroma

Due to the temperate continental climate, the seasons in the city are clearly expressed. Summer is warm, hot weeks are possible, and in the winter months frost reaches -15 °C. The ground is covered with snow by the end of autumn. The opening of the ski season usually falls at the end of November-beginning of December.

Yakhroma, Russia