Wisconsin Travel Information

By | October 2, 2022

ATTRACTIONS: (some major ones)
A ​​wide variety of statewide festivals (including Milwaukee’s Summerfest), professional sports, winter activities of all description and world class fishing all make Wisconsin a most desirable vacation spot.

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Some of the most visited attractions in Wisconsin include the Apostle Islands; hundreds of cheese makers; Door County Peninsula; House on the Rock; Lambeau area; Valley of the Santa Cruz River; Wisconsin Dells and the Harley Davidson Factory in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin offers something for everyone to enjoy. For more choices and information, follow the links below.


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  • Madison
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  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: Wisconsin offers an incredible family vacation destination – spring, summer, fall or winter. Cold, snowy conditions are common in winter, however those months bring exceptional hunting, ice fishing, skating, skiing and snowmobiling conditions to many areas of the state.

Wisconsin weather

Climate: The weather in Wisconsin varies, but in general terms, the spring, summer and fall months are pleasant throughout the state with humidity controlled. Weather conditions along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, and do, can change quickly.

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Statewide, June and July average high temperatures reach the high 70s, while conditions in southern Wisconsin can be much hotter and quite humid.

Winter snow (often heavy) is very common from November to March with average January high temperatures around 15 degrees. Extreme cold conditions are possible, and rapidly freezing temperatures, below freezing, are normal from December to February.

Average rainfall is close to 30 inches per year across the state.

Seasonal temperature averages:

HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 26/-3 (Feb) 19/-7 (March) 42/5 (April) 49/9

May 67/19 (Jun) 77/25 ( Jul) 81/27 (Aug) 80/26

(Sept) 71/21 (Oct) 58/14 (Nov) 40/4 (Dec) 23/-5

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

(Jan) 12/-10 (February) 2/-16 (March) 21/-6 (April) 24/-4

May 40/4 (June) 50/9 (July) 53/11 (August) 54/12

(September) 47/8 (October) 40/4 (November) 26/-3 (December) 9/-13


HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 31/-1 (February) 23/-5 (March) 44/7 (April) 53/11

May 71/21 (June) 79/26 (July) 81/26 ( August) 80/26

(September) 75/23 (October) 65/18 (November) 44/6(December) 30/-1

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 18/-8 (February) 7/-13 (March) 25/-4 (April) 35/1

May 46/7 (June) 56/ 13 (July) 57/14 (August) 59/15

(September) 50/10 (October) 46/7 (November) 28/-2 (December) 14/-10


HIGH TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 32/0 (February) 22/-6 (March) 47/8 (April) 54/12

May 73/22 (June) 80/26 (July) 83/28 (August) 81/27

(September) 75/24 (October) 65/18 (November) 45/7 (December) 28/-2

LOW TEMPERATURES (Fahrenheit) / Celsius)

(Jan) 18/-8 (February) 7/-13 (March) 28/-2 (April) 34/1

May 49/9 (June) 58/14 (July) 60/15 (August) 63 /17

(September) 52/11 (October) 48/9 (November) 28/-2 (December) 14/-10

Wisconsin Travel Information