Why Is the OGT Will Be Replaced by ACT

By | February 25, 2019

High school students in Ohio must pass the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) in order to earn a diploma, which in 2010 But in 2014 ACT College admissions exam, along with other requirements, will. replace the OGT. Officials cite several reasons, ACT proves a better choice than OGT.

The need to take tougher Classes

Superintendent John Foley explained a local Ohio ABC News affiliate to require students to take a more difficult, college-geared exams like ACT can inspire high school students to take more advanced, college-preparatory classes. If the reading passages and mathematical problems on ACT requires higher levels of English and math skills than OGT, students can have no choice but to choose classes that will help them to prepare such an exam.

ACT is an accurate Gauge

Ohio educational leaders feel that the ACT, used for years by colleges to predict candidates ‘ potential for success in college, accurately gauges academic achievement and ability. Therefore, officials believe that the ACT is a good choice as OGT’s replacement.

Other States use ACT

Other States have switched to using the ACT as a requirement for graduation and is satisfied with the results. Therefore, Ohio officials feel that the ACT is a solid choice for their students.

OGT Assesses Students Too Early

As in 2010, Ohio students take the OGT in 10. class. If they pass the exam at that time, students can master two years later, if they meet all of their course requirements. Ohio officials prefer potential candidates will be assessed on a more advanced level than 10. class. Why do you think that the ACT is more suitable for such a task.