What to See in Svishtov and Snezhanka (Bulgaria)

By | July 15, 2022

Svishtov (Bulgaria)

Svishtov is located 76 km northeast of Pleven. The history of this city begins with the Roman center-pier Castel Nove (I century AD). In the first centuries of Turkish rule, there were several huts here, which at night illuminated the path of boats and small sailing ships with lights. Gradually, the future Svishtov is formed around them. In the nineteenth century the city achieved an enviable development, despite its complete devastation during the Russian-Turkish war from 1810. By the end of the 19th century. it was a lively trading place with 957 stores and 720 warehouses. After the Liberation, Svishtov loses its primary importance, but remains an important economic, cultural and tourist destination.

On the territory of Svishtov there are more than 120 archaeological, artistic and architectural cultural monuments of local and national significance. Church of the Holy Trinity XIX century. – one of the most interesting monuments of architecture. It was built by the outstanding Bulgarian Renaissance architect Kolyu Ficheto. During the earthquake of 1977, the temple was significantly damaged, but in 1992 it was restored. The ancient churches of St. Dimitar (1640, the oldest church in the city) and St. Peter and Paul (1644) are also of interest. The clock tower in the city center was erected by Bulgarian craftsmen in 1760. The City Historical Museum, founded in 1856, is considered one of the oldest museums in Bulgaria (1856). In the House of Peace in 1791, the Austro-Turkish separatist peace was signed. The old houses of the era of the Bulgarian National Revival also have architectural value: Sladkarov’s house, Danail’s house, Khrulev’s house, Brychkov’s house, Cherkezov’s house, Radoslav’s house, the house of the Sybev brothers and others.

4 km east of Svishtov is Pametnitsyte park, founded on the place where the Russian troops landed and from where the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation began. Monuments of white marble and granite rise in the park. There is also a beach on its territory.

Not far from the city, 1 km to the east, the remains of the ancient city of Novea and medieval Styklen. There is a rich museum here, and you can also look at several ancient buildings with interesting architecture.

10 km east of Svishtov is the Danubian island Vardim, the third largest Bulgarian island. It was declared a nature reserve due to the presence of colonies of cormorants, herons, etc. The famous Vardim oak also grows here.

Snezhanka, Pamporovo (Bulgaria)

According to fun-wiki, Snezhanka is a peak in the Rhodope Mountains. Its height is 1926 m. A relay tower rises on top of Snezhanka, which can be seen from afar in clear weather. There is a panoramic cafe-pastry shop in the tower. You can get to this place by chair lift. In summer, this area is very beautiful: dense forests, wide meadows and rocks of bizarre shapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the foot of the mountain is the ski resort Pamporovo . The proximity of this place to the Aegean Sea causes a relatively mild and long winter, with bright sun and abundant snow. The gentle slopes of the Pamporovo Mountains are especially attractive for beginners and inexperienced skiers. For experienced skiers there is a giant slalom track.

Tracks Pamporovo: Snezhanka –

Yazovira (Snezhanka-1) – medium difficulty (length 990 m, drop 155 m)

Snezhanka – Studenets (Snezhanka-2 “Wall”) – very difficult (length 1100 m, drop 285 m)

Snezhanka – “Two bridges “(Snezhanka-3) – very high and medium difficulty (length 1500 m, drop 405 m)

Snezhanka – Ardashly (Snezhanka-4) – very high and medium difficulty (length 2200 m, drop 476 m)

Snezhanka – Ardashly (Snezhanka- 5) – difficult and medium-difficult (track length 3100 m, drop 476 m)

Snezhanka – Yazovira – Studenets – Ardashly (Snezhanka-6) – easy track (length 3800 m, elevation change – 476 m)

Studenets – Bus station – medium difficulty (length 800 m, drop 90 m)

Snezhanka – Smolyanskie lakes, sections of the route: medium difficulty, difficult, easy (length – 3000 m, drop – 390 m).

To climb the slopes, you can use one of 5 chairlifts and 13 ski lifts.

Pamporovo is the starting point of many routes in the mountains: to the bases “Smolyan Lakes” (2 hours or 40 minutes by two lifts), “Izgrev” (6 hours), “Momchil Yunak” (5 hours), “Perelik” at the peak of Golyam Perelik (5 hours), “Orpheus” (20 minutes from Snezhanka peak), “Studenets” – point of the European route E-8, to the village of Progled (about 2 hours), to the city of Smolyan (3 hours).

Pamporovo (Bulgaria)