What to See in Albena and Golden Sands (Bulgaria)

By | July 15, 2022

Albena (Bulgaria)

The city of Albena is located 30 km north of Varna. According to the legends, Ovid passed through the city on his way to the place of his exile. This is the youngest resort in Bulgaria and one of the most attractive holiday destinations for tourists. It has been awarded the Blue Flag environmental award. There is a calm sea, a wonderful forest, and the air is high in oxygen due to the liana reserve adjacent to the resort, the northernmost in the world. The forest is bordered by the widest beach in the country, reaching 300 m, with light golden sand. All beaches in Albena are free. The seabed in this area is without stones and algae, and the sea itself is shallow, so it is suitable for families with children. Albena beaches- a great place for surfing and jet skis. There are also 9 swimming pools, 12 tennis courts, a bowling alley, a riding school, volleyball, basketball and football grounds.

The resort pays special attention to children. A variety of services are offered, including a kindergarten and children’s clubs with caregivers. There is also an amusement park, karting, children’s discos, a skateboard school, a shooting range, a water slide, a mini-railway, an archery range, a kids club.

Not far from Albena is the village of Obrochishte with a well-preserved fortress from the times of Turkish rule and the village of Kranevo with the ruins of a fortress used in Roman times and the Middle Ages. In addition, Kranevo attracts tourists with its mineral springs. The temperature of the healing springs is 30 o C. They contain magnesium, calcium, sulfur oxide. Treatment programs include thalassotherapy, anti-stress programs, programs for weight loss, rejuvenation, body restoration after childbirth. The coast between Albena and Kranevo with its rock formations is very picturesque.

In Albena, you can ride on an environmentally friendly transport – a tourist wheeled train.

Golden Sands (Bulgaria)

According to homethodology, the Golden Sands resort is located on the territory of the national park of the same name, 18 km northeast of Varna. This is the largest resort on the northern coast of the Black Sea, awarded the Blue Flag international award for environmental conditions.

The beach strip in Golden Sands has a length of 3.5 km, and its width ranges from 50 to 100 m. In the times of the Turks, this place was called Uzunkum – long sands. The sand on the beaches is fine-grained, of very high quality, which, however, cannot always be said about its purity. All the beaches of the resort are municipal, there are changing cabins and many bars. Vacationers are also offered sun loungers and umbrellas for a fee. All hotels, which stand in close proximity to the coast, have their own pools. Tourists can swim in any of them by paying for the rental of sunbeds.

Based on the healing properties of mineral springs, balneotherapy and fitness centers have been built. They offer about 100 types of medical services, combined with various treatment and recovery programs using a specific climate, clean air, ultraviolet radiation, sea water rich in salts and microelements, therapeutic mud and various types of medicinal plants.

The embankment stretches along the entire coast of Golden Sands. Every evening, crowds of tourists gather here to relax in bars, restaurants or dance at discos. Golden Sands – the noisiest and most youthful resort in Bulgaria. All night long, music is heard from local establishments, and colorful performances are arranged in some of them. In the center of the embankment there is a copy of the Eiffel Tower, next to it there is a Ferris wheel, a ride on which you can see the entire resort. Behind the Ferris wheel is a market selling numerous souvenirs made of shells, jewelry made of silver and pearls. In the immediate vicinity of Golden Sands there is an interesting rock monastery Aladzha. In the XII century. Hesychast monks lived there and an interesting life was in full swing. At present, only a few frescoes have been preserved, but the feeling when visiting the monastery, located on a high sheer cliff, is indescribable. The monastery has a small museum.

Golden Sands (Bulgaria)