What Is the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Exam?

By | March 17, 2019

Its insertion in higher education in the United States depends, in parts, on admission standards. For the graduations, there are the SAT exams and the ACT . For postgraduates, there are different types of standardized tests, specific to the different areas of study. To enter a medical school in the United States – faculty / academic division of universities that offer courses related to medicine and health – whether for undergraduate or specialization, students must take the MCAT test.

MCAT History

According to Abbreviation Finder, MCAT is the acronym for the Medical College Admission Test. Created 80 years ago, the exam was done on paper until 2007, when it became fully computer- based. It focuses on four specific areas: physical sciences, verbal reasoning, biological sciences and dissertation.


The exam, including three 10-minute intervals, takes five hours to complete. The dissertation part is divided into two questions; the other sections are held on multiple choice issues. The parts of the competition are divided as follows:

  • Physical Sciences – 70 minutes with 52 questions
  • Verbal Reasoning – 60 minutes with 40 questions
  • Biological Sciences – 70 minutes with 52 questions
  • Dissertation (Writing Sample) – 60 minutes with two questions

The dissertation questions are evaluated individually on a scale of grades ranging from J (lowest) to (highest) T. The other sections of the exam receive from one to 15 points, making the best result to be achieved in the MCAT is 45T. There are no penalties for the wrong answers, allowing the student to try to answer the questions even though they are not sure, rather than leaving them blank (other than SAT).

Facts About MCAT

Conducted and provided by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), the MCAT is offered 25 times a year, and candidates can complete them three times every 12 months. The cost of the test is $ 235 and is offered to international students . Despite being held in Brazil, unfortunately, there is still no date to take the exam in the country in 2013.