What is the Difference between ACT Plus Writing and ACT Test?

By | February 25, 2019

ACT and ACT Plus Writing tests assess a person’s readiness for college. ACT was administered first in 1959, and is available today in all 50 U.S. States. Unlike other standardized tests offered to high school students, the ACT is curriculum based on. This provides students with discipline-specific interests of valuable career and educational planning. There are some differences between the ACT and the ACT Plus Writing. What test you must take, depends primarily on how you are applying to college, as some schools require the ACT Plus Writing, while others do not.

Test Times

ACT test takes approximately three hours to complete. The test consists of 215 multiple choice questions on English, mathematics, reading and science. Each subject test is timed and distributed as follows: English, 45 minutes; Mathematics, 60 minutes, read 35 minutes; and science, 35 minutes. ACT Plus Writing test are allowed for an additional 30 minutes, excluding time for instruction. Writing prompts different in subject matter, but analyzing the student’s critical and analytical writing ability. Students taking the ACT Plus Writing test typically takes their test in separate compartments than students who take the basic ACT test.


The basic registration fee for the ACT test is standard $ 33 as 2011. the fee covers standard testing, sorting and mailing scores results up to four college choices. ACT Plus Writing test fee is $48, covering the additional costs of administering and grading the test.

Test Dates and Registration

Both the ACT and the ACT Plus Writing test standard is offered in all 50 U.S. States in September, October, December, February, April and June. ACT Plus Writing test is also available on all international testing centers during their regularly scheduled times for the ACT test, except in February. Students can register for the test online, if they are over 13 years and plan to pay registration fee with a credit card. Students younger than 13, or those who plan to pay with a check or money order, must send in an ACT registration packet.

Scoring and several attempts

ACT scores 1 to 36, with the latter is best. Since the entrance to the college is competitive, can students with a score of less than 12 choose to retake the ACT or ACT Plus Writing. 99 percent of students score at least a 12, which makes any score in this range less desirable to American colleges; 55 percent of the students who choose to retake the ACT or ACT Plus Writing increase their scores.