What Are The Best ACT Prep Books

By | February 25, 2019

ACT is designed to tell colleges and universities a student’s ability and the likelihood that they will be successful in school. Many colleges use scores on the ACT as a tool to record students, and some weigh ACT scores higher than average grade point average. Scoring well on the ACT is very important so that preparation will be needed to get the score you want.

The Real ACT Prep Guide

The Real ACT Prep Guide is most popular among bulletin boards. This prep book offers three full length practice tests, practice questions with in-depth explanations, and strategy proposals for each section of the ACT. The guide also reviews important concepts in each tested area and offers suggestions to the optional writing portion of the ACT. Beyond test prep, explains Real-guide also registration process and details how the test is scored and used by colleges.

Kaplan ACT Premier with CD

Test prep message boards rank Kaplan product somewhere in the Middle for quality-some agree they are the best, while others declared the practice tests were easier than the real test. Kaplan offers a complete book with six full-length practice tests, which includes in-depth explanations of answers, tips for doing well in each area of the test, and a CD with educational videos for each section of the test. Purchase of the book also gives access to online chat system where students can interact with other students or ask tutors for further explanations of problematic issues.

Barron’s ACT Test Prep

The general consensus of Barron products on message boards is that the questions are harder than the real test — the idea that Barron’s helps you to over the investigation. Barron offers a test prep book, but also offers a six month subscription to the online program for an additional fee. The book offers three full-length practice tests with detailed explanations on the issue, detailed review of each section concepts and test taking tips. The online study Program also provides live updates of how you perform on the practice tests and explanations as you go through the questions.

Princeton Review Cracking ACT

Cracking ACT books rank among the top on message boards parallel the Real ACT Prep guide. The book Princeton Review offers three full-length practice tests with detailed explanations, questions, practice in the individual sections together with responses and a review of the concepts, detailed mathematical strategies, and online tutorials for extra practice. The book also provides information about how to write essays for those who choose to complete the writing section.