Uzhgorod, Ukraine

By | December 15, 2022

Uzhgorod (former Ungvar) is the Ukrainian “window to Europe”, a typical border town: noisy, restless and energetic. Although here you can find a corner of peace and quiet, for example, in the historical center or on the picturesque green embankment. Being the main center of Ukrainian Transcarpathia, Uzhgorod also clearly shows the huge influence of Hungary and Romania, which gives the city a charming Balkan flavor.

Long colorful autumn is the best time to visit Uzhgorod, when falling leaves create a special transparency of the air, and local vineyards are ready for the birth of a new wine.

Troyanda Transcarpathia (red dessert) and Beregovskoe (white Riesling) are perhaps among the best grapevine drinks in the entire region.

How to get there

By plane

According to clothesbliss, the local airport receives at least one flight per day from Kyiv and one per week from Budapest. The airport is located at: st. Sobranetskaya, 145, 2 km northwest of the city center.

By train

Trains to Western Europe do not stop in Uzhgorod, you need to get to the neighboring Chop. Trains from Lviv (116-203 UAH, 6 hours) and Kiev (260-360 UAH, 15.5 hours) arrive at the railway station of the city.

By bus

The bus station of Uzhgorod (Stationnaya str., 2) is located opposite the railway station at the southern end of Svobody Avenue. Buses arrive here from Lviv (6 hours) and Chernivtsi (10-12 hours, 2 departures per day), the latter also stops along the way in Rakhiv (6-8 hours). There are also night buses to Kyiv of the company “Autolux” (14 hours).

Minibuses run around the neighborhood, for example, No. 145 goes to Chop (45 minutes) every 15 minutes from 8:00. You can also get to Mukachevo by minibuses (1 hour on the way).

There are also international buses that connect Uzhgorod with Slovak Kosice (2 hours 30 minutes) or Prague (Regabus company).

You can get to the city center from the bus and railway station on foot in 20-30 minutes (1.5 km) or by taxi for 30-50 UAH. In addition, minibuses No. 5 or 16 run along Svobody Avenue and further past the Zakarpattya and Uzhgorod hotels to the center to the market and the Atlant Hotel.

Weather in Uzhhorod

The climate of Uzhgorod is temperate continental, summer is hot, winter is mild. Thanks to the Carpathians, there are no strong cold winds here, so both autumn and spring are mild. The coldest month is January (-3°C), the hottest month is July (+20°C).

Entertainment and attractions

The main attraction of the city is the Uzhgorod Castle of the 9th century, which today houses the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Noteworthy is the episcopal palace (1646) and the Catholic Baroque church, the elegant town hall (1810). The center of Uzhgorod is replete with buildings similar in style to constructivism. They were built in the 30s. 20th century designed by Czech architects.

Other attractions: local history and art museums, botanical garden, Nevitsky castle 7 km from the city and Goryanskaya Rotunda – the oldest building in Uzhgorod.

Uzhgorod is interesting not so much for its sights as for its unique atmosphere. From 1919 to 1945 it was considered part of Czechoslovakia, until that time – Hungary, and later – the Soviet Union. This gave the city an unusual mixture of traditions, nationalities and cultures, because Russians who remained after World War II, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Hungarians, Germans, Jews and even gypsies still live here.

Uzhgorod, Ukraine