US 59 in Oklahoma

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US 59
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End Chetopa
Length 218 mi
Length 351 km

  • Page
  • poteau
  • sallisaw
  • Westville
  • Siloam Springs
  • Grove
  • afton
  • Miami


US 59 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, from the Arkansas border at Page to Chetopa at the Kansas border . The road passes through the hilly east of the state, avoiding major towns. The route is 351 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

US 59 / OK-10 in northern Oklahoma.

East of Page, the road enters the state of Oklahoma between two steep ridges from Arkansas, double-numbered with US 270. US 59 in Arkansas comes from DeQueen. Parallel to the road is the Talimena Scenic Drive, high over a steep ridge. West of Page ends US 259 ​​, which runs to Idabel in the south of the state. The area is densely forested and part of the Ouachita Mountains, not a picture many imagine for Oklahoma. One then reaches the town of Heavener, where US 270 turns west toward McAlester and Oklahoma City. You then pass through Poteau, where the US 271from Hugo ends. The road then has 2×2 lanes until Spiro, where the SR-9 turns off as the main road towards Fort Smith in Arkansas. US 59 then enters a flatter area, crossing the Canadian River, one of the state’s largest rivers. Not far after that, you reach the town of Sallisaw, where the road crosses Interstate 40, the highway from Oklahoma City to Little Rock. It also crosses US 64, which runs parallel to I-40.

Then begins a route of more than 60 kilometers through the Brushy Mountains, a low mountain range. The road barely crosses roads here and has one lane in each direction. The road here runs very close to the Arkansas border. In Westville you cross US 62, the main road from Muskogee to Fayetteville. The road then runs to less than 100 yards from the Arkansas border, where US 412 merges into Arkansas from Springdale. Both roads will then be double-numbered and run west as the Cherokee Turnpike. The road has 2×2 lanes here. The toll road begins from Flint and US 412 continues toward Tulsa. US 59 then turns north through a wooded and hilly area, crossing Lake O’ The Cherokees. Afton crosses US 60, which runs from Vinita to Neosho in Missouri, and immediately joins Interstate 44, the toll road from Tulsa to St. Louis. The road then runs to near Miami, double-numbered with US 69, the road from Muskogee to Kansas City. US 59 then turns west to Welch, where the road turns north. About 15 kilometers further on, the border with Kansas follows. US 59 in Kansascontinues toward Lawrence in the north.

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US 59 was added to the network in 1934. The route has not changed in Oklahoma since then. When it was created in 1934, the entire route was still unpaved, largely a gravel road. In the mid-1930s, the first parts were asphalted, namely around Miami and Poteau. In this area at the time, priority was given to paving the east-west routes, not the north-south routes. In 1938 there was a somewhat longer paved part in the Poteau region. The situation only improved around 1948, when some more sections were paved, especially between Jay and Welch in the northeast and around Stilwel. In 1950 the pavement reached the border with Kansas and the first part was paved around Sallisaw. In 1951, the route between Sallisaw and Siloam Springs was paved. At the time, there were still a few missing pieces that were a gravel road. In 1956 the last section south of Sallisaw was asphalted. Only the part in the mountains of the Ouachita National Forest south of Poteau was the route unpaved. In 1959 the last part of this was asphalted and US 59 was completely paved.

Around 1990 the first part around Poteau was widened into a divided highway. At the end of the 1990s this was extended to Spiro.

Traffic intensities

Some 650 vehicles cross the Arkansas border daily, rising to some 12,000 just past Poteau. About 5,400 vehicles drive on I-40, which drops sharply north of I-40 to about 1,800 vehicles per day. The piece right along the border with Arkansas has 7,000 vehicles and the double numbering with US 412 has a maximum of 16,400 vehicles. Further north, the intensity increases from 2,500 to 10,500 vehicles per day. About 3,400 vehicles and 1,700 vehicles cross the Kansas border daily on I-44.

US 59 in Oklahoma