US 44 and 7 in Connecticut

By | October 18, 2022

US 44 in Connecticut

US 44
Get started Lakeville
End Putnam
Length 106 mi
Length 171 km
New York






Rhode Island

US 44 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, from the New York State border at Lakeville via Hartford to the Rhode Island border at Putnam. The road is 171 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

In the wooded and hilly northwest of the state, US 44 in New York enters Connecticut from the town of Poughkeepsie and then heads east, intersecting US 7 at Canaan. The road here runs close to the border with Massachusetts. Then the road bends a little to the southeast and about 25 kilometers further, at Winsted, crosses State Route 8, the highway from Bridgeport and Waterbury. About 15 kilometers further, US 44 merges with US 202, the road from Torrington and Danbury. Both roads are then only 8 kilometers double-numbered, after which US 202 turns north, to Massachusetts, while US 44 enters the metropolitan area of ​​the capital Hartford.

Through Hartford the road is double numbered with Interstate 84 and US 6. In downtown Hartford, Interstate 91, which runs from New Haven to Springfield, crosses State Route 2. East of Manchester, the two roads split again, forming a parallel route to Rhode Island. The US 44 takes the more northerly route. The road then leads through quiet rural area which is densely wooded. At the town of Putnam you cross the Interstate 395, the highway from New London to Worcester. The border with Rhode Island follows shortly after. TheUS 44 in Rhode Island then continues to the city of Providence.

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US 44 follows the route of historic turnpikes, which were not turnpikes in the modern sense, but paved roads that were tolled in the 1800s. US 44 was created in 1934. The route has not undergone major changes since then, but at both Putnam and eastern Hartford there have been some changes to the underlying road network over which US 44 runs. Although US 44 runs through the entire state, it is of little importance for through traffic.

US 7 in Connecticut

US 7
Get started Norwalk
End canaan
Length 78 mi
Length 125 km

New Milford


US 7 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms a north-south route through the west of the state, from the coastal city of Norwalk through Danbury to the Massachusetts border at Canaan. The road is 125 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins in the town of Norwalk, a coastal city on the fringes of the New York metropolitan area. The city has 85,000 inhabitants, mainly consisting of expensive neighborhoods in the woods or by the sea. US 7 begins at an interchange with Interstate 95, the highway from New York to New Haven and Boston. The road has 2×3, later 2×2 lanes and intersects on the north side of town with the Merritt Parkway, a highway parallel to I-95. Shortly thereafter, the highway ends and US 7 continues north as a 1×2 lane, a short distance from the New York state border. This area is sloping with lots of forest and dotted with monumental houses. The route to Danbury is only about 25 kilometers long and the US 7 merges here with the Interstate 84, which also runs the US 6 and US 202. On the north side of Danbury, US 7 exits along with US 202 to continue as a highway for a few more miles before narrowing back to 1×2 lanes. About 10 miles north, at New Milford, US 202 and US 7 split, with US 202 bending northeast and US 7 continuing north through a hilly and wooded area. This part is much more rural than the rest of the state, where there are more suburbs. Just before the border with Massachusetts, in Canaan, one crosses US 44 which comes from Poughkeepsie and runs to Hartford. US 7 in Massachusetts then continues to Pittsfield.


US 7 was created in 1926 and followed the then numbered New England Interstate Highway 4 (NE-4). US 7 then continued south to New York City, but was shortened to Norwalk in 1928 because this section was unnecessarily double-numbered with US 1. In 1976, the highway segment opened between I-84 at Danbury and Brookfield, which was extended to the north side of Brookfield in 2009. The highway portion at Norwalk was originally just a long exit from I-95. Circa 1992, this section was extended north of the Merritt Parkway.

US 7 in Connecticut