US 150, 231, 119 and 127 in Kentucky

By | October 18, 2022

US 150 in Kentucky

US 150
Get started Louisville
End Mount Vernon
Length 123 mi
Length 198 km


Mount Washington





Mount Vernon

US 150 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms an east-west route through the middle of the state from Louisville to Mount Vernon and is 198 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

US 150 at Louisville.

US 150 curves through Kentucky and is double-numbered the first half with other roads, namely Interstate 64 in Louisville and then US 31E to Bardstown. The route then heads southeast and is single-lane to Danville, then a 2×2-lane divided highway for about 18 miles to Stanford, then single-lane again to Mount Vernon, where US 150 ends at US 25.


US 150 was created in 1926 but ran into Kentucky from 1934 when the route was extended east to Mount Vernon. In 1962 the Sherman Minton Bridge opened over which I-64 and US 150 cross the Ohio River.

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US 231 in Kentucky

US 231
Get started Petroleum
End Maceo
Length 115 mi
Length 185 km

Bowling Green


Beaver Dam



US 231 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state, from the Tennessee border through Bowling Green and Owensboro to the Indiana border. US 231 is 185 kilometers long in Kentucky.

Travel directions

US 231 at Owensboro.

US 231 in Tennessee comes from Lebanon and heads north to Scottsville as a single-lane highway, then is a 2×2 divided highway until Bowling Green, where it intersects the Natcher Parkway and Interstate 65. US 231 then runs parallel to the Natcher Parkway to Owensboro and is of minor importance here. In Owensboro, US 231 and US 60 form a highway bypass from the town, then a 2×2 lane divided highway to the Indiana border. US 231 in Indiana crosses the Ohio River via the William H. Natcher Bridge towards Jasper.


US 231 was created in 1926, but was not extended from Montgomery, Alabama to St. John, Indiana until 1954 and thus passed through Kentucky. On December 15, 1972, the William H. Natcher Parkway opened parallel to US 231 between Bowling Green and Owensboro, leaving US 231 with little through importance on this stretch. In 2002, the William H. Natcher Bridge opened over the Ohio River.

US 119 in Kentucky

US 119
Get started Pineville
End South Williamson
Length 140 mi
Length 225 km




South Williamson

West Virginia

US 119 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms an east-west route through the east of the state, from Pineville to the West Virginia border at South Williamson. US 119 is 225 kilometers long in Kentucky.

Travel directions

US 119 begins in Pineville on US 25E and heads east through the Appalachian Mountains. The route to Jenkins is mainly single lane, from Jenkins the US 119 with US 23 is double numbered until just past Pikeville. This part is a divided highway with 2×2 lanes. From Pikeville to the West Virginia border, the route is also a 2×2 road with partial highway characteristics. US 119 in West Virginia continues to Charleston.


US 119 was created in 1926, but was not extended until 1934 from Morgantown, West Virginia, to Pineville, Kentucky. In Kentucky, the route runs more east-west than north-south. US 119 is part of three corridors of the Appalachian Development Highway System, namely Corridor F from Pineville to Jenkins, Corridor B from Jenkins to Pikeville, and Corridor G for the rest to West Virginia. Beginning in the 1970s, the eastern portion of US 119 was gradually upgraded to a 2×2 divided highway. Due to the mountainous terrain, large amounts of rock and sand were moved to straighten the route, since a doubling to 2×2 on the existing winding route with many buildings was not possible.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 5,000 to 7,000 vehicles travel between Pineville and Harlan and 6,000 vehicles continue as far as Cumberland. Further east, 2,400 vehicles drive to Whitesburg and 8,000 vehicles to Jenkins. There were 8,000 to 15,000 vehicles from Pikesville to the West Virginia border.

US 127 in Kentucky

US 127
Get started static
End Covington
Length 206 mi
Length 331 km


Russell Springs













US 127 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state, from the Tennessee border through the state capital Frankfort to the Ohio border at Covington near Cincinnati. US 127 is 231 miles long in Kentucky.

Travel directions

US 127 at Lawrenceburg.

US 127 runs north-south through rural Kentucky. The southern part is somewhat secondary in character and does not visit important places and runs along the large Lake Cumberland. From Danville, US 127 is a divided highway with 2×2 lanes. The route heads north and crosses the Bluegrass Parkway and Interstate 64 at Frankfort. North of Frankfurt, the route runs a little closer parallel to Interstate 75 and crosses Interstate 71 south of Warsaw, before merging with US 42. Both routes are then double -numbered up to the Ohio border. From Florence, the US 25 joins.


Although US 127 was created in 1926, it would be quite a few years before the route passed through Kentucky. In 1930 the southern end was changed to Cincinnati and in 1958 to Chattanooga, establishing the route through Kentucky. It is the only north-south route that passes through the capital Frankfort. Because Interstate 75 was built fairly soon after its creation, US 127 has not been of essential through-going importance.

US 127 in Kentucky