University of the Andes

By | December 15, 2022

University of the Andes. Bolivian institution belonging to Higher Education. It was founded in 1995.


The University was born from the experience of the Los Andes Business School, an institution that was founded in 1995, the result of a remarkable effort and the most demanding standards towards the consolidation of practical teaching, and innovative trends and business management tools. Check topbbacolleges for more universities.


To train leading professionals with human values ​​oriented to free initiative and private entrepreneurship, achieving competitiveness in the international context through practical and high-quality teaching.


To be a global business university, leader and educational curricular and technological innovation, which, from the construction of its own knowledge, contributes to strengthening the development of the country and the region.


  • Rector: Pedro Saenz Muñoz
  • Academic Vice Chancellor: Maria Esther Burela de Hubner
  • Administrative Vice President: Elsa Paredes Ayllón
  • General Secretary: Jose Luis Merizalde Mostajo

Degrees and diplomas


  • Gastronomy and Hospitality
  • Automotive Engineering Commercial Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Right


  • Civil and Oral Procedural Law
  • New Political Constitution of the State
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Economic Development Projects
  • Planning and Administration of IT Infrastructure and Technology Centers
  • Prevention and Correction Engineering in Automotive Maintenance
  • International Conciliation and Arbitration
  • Higher education

University of the Andes