Ukraine Transportation and Communication

By | January 19, 2021

Travel and transportation

Ukraine Transportation and Communication

The national infrastructure is of a relatively good standard. The Ukrainian train is still the most important means of transport for overland journeys. The route network is well developed, even if the journeys are very long and usually a night journey between two cities a little further away is necessary. Only between Kyїv, Harkiv, Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovs’k) and L’viv are there express trains (InterCity) that meet German standards. The Ukrainian Railway also offers an online booking service (Tickets can partly be printed out online and are valid in conjunction with an ID. Please note the QR codes. If a QR code is missing on a ticket, the ticket must be picked up personally at the counter).

Buses and minibuses (marshrutky) also run between the cities. New airlines have been set up and also connect the regions with the country’s metropolises.

In inner-city traffic you can get around by tram, bus, minibus or taxi. There are subways in Kyїv, Harkiv and Dnipro. Trolleybuses also operate in the Crimea.

The Ukrainian roads are nowhere near European standards. Nevertheless, the road network in the country is fairly dense and well developed. There are some motorways between major cities. Ukraine has right-hand traffic. The maximum speed in urban areas is 60 km / h, out of town 90 km / h and on a motorway 130 km / h. A 0.0 per mil rule applies. It is not recommended to drive at night in Ukraine. Often there is no right-hand marking on the roads; the roads are poorly or not lit, especially in rural areas. Caution is also advised at the roundabout, as those entering Ukraine have right of way.


According to aceinland, Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. The Federal Foreign Office regularly updates its security notices for Ukraine. Due to the current tense political situation in the country, these instructions should be observed when traveling to Ukraine. We strongly advise against traveling to the Crimea and eastern parts of the country (Luhansk and Doneck) at the moment (as of December 2018).

In recent years, Ukraine has enjoyed increasing tourism. The number of city trips to Kyїv, L’viv, Odessa, Chernivtsi and others and to the Carpathian Mountains have increased. Individual travelers should, however, avoid driving overland at night if possible, since obstacles can often not be recognized in good time due to poor road conditions and insufficient road marking. You should also exercise caution when using EC and credit cards. The manipulation of ATMs, which also occurs in Germany, also occurs in the Ukraine. If you suspect you have your money card blocked.


Post Office

Ukraine Post Office

The state-owned company Ukrposhta, which has a monopoly on the postal market, offers a large-scale mail and parcel service. Ukrposhta has several post offices in every major city in the country. In rural areas there are often only individual postmen who, however, also offer some post office services. Nova Poshta is an alternative to Ukrposhta.

DHL and TNT deliver packages and parcels to Ukraine.


The telecommunications and internet market is one of the young and rapidly expanding economic sectors in Ukraine. The number of internet users is growing steadily. The popularity of the WorldWideWeb increased especially after the Orange Revolution, when the Internet and social media became important means of communication. Broadband DSL is available in major cities. In rural areas without DSL access, you can use the Internet via mobile communications. It is becoming more and more popular to offer WiFi in cafes and restaurants.

Since the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine, cyber attacks on Ukrainian state and economic institutions have increased. On the other hand, the internet and social media remain an important communication tool, including for civil society.


In the past ten years, the cell phone and wireless communications market has been booming in Ukraine. It is possible to use cell phones almost anywhere in the country. The most important providers in Ukraine are currently Vodafone Ukraine (formerly MTC Ukraine), lifecell and Kyivstar GSM. If you travel a lot in the country, you should use SIM cards from several providers. Also roaming works depending on the providers.

Money and money transfer

Ukraine money transfer

The official currency of Ukraine is called the hryvnya. One hryvnya consists of 100 kopijky (coins). Ukraine has a banking system that is both private and state-owned. There are banks and ATMs in all major cities and in several smaller district towns. In Ukraine, Visa or Master card are mostly accepted for payments with credit cards. Paying with the American Express Card is difficult or even impossible. However, credit card payments are not common in Ukraine. Cash payments still dominate payment transactions. The most common foreign currencies are euros and dollars, which are used in numerous exchanges Offices (obminnyky) can be swapped. The redemption of travelers’ checks can only be done in a few banks in the big cities and takes a lot of time.

For the most part, credit card payments are secure in Ukraine. Nevertheless, visitors and departures should observe general safety precautions when paying or using ATMs.