Typical Australia

By | July 2, 2021

The lifesavers

You will see lifeguards on almost all public beaches in Australia. They are usually paid by the local authorities and guard the beaches all year round, because Australians swim or surf all year round.

The waves can pile up quite a bit on the east and south coast, which are usually ideal conditions for surfers, but not necessarily for swimmers. These lifeguards are very important in Australia and deserve a lot of respect, because they save lives not so rarely.

300 days of sunshine a year and why do Australians put cream on themselves?

The ozone hole over Australia is particularly strong. The risk of developing skin cancer, a serious disease, is many times higher than ours. That is why you can usually only buy sunscreen in Australia with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher – lower ones are ineffective here. Sunscreen is also available in much larger packs, because since the sun shines 300 days a year, the need for sunscreen is high.

Shopping malls

Similar to the US, shopping malls are popular in Australia. There is usually one large department store and one or two supermarkets, as well as a few smaller shops that are often part of large chains. Often these are clothing stores. In addition to bakeries and pharmacies, there is also a bookstore or a lottery agency that sells magazines.

In Australia there are two large supermarket chains in competition. These can be found in every major city. In the meantime, even the low-cost German supermarket Aldi has found its way into Australia.

Australia Shopping malls

German food in Australia?

German groceries have also made it into some Australian supermarkets. Nutella and Lindt chocolate are particularly popular. Red cabbage and sauerkraut are just as typically German in Australia as black bread. Many Australians appreciate Dutch Gouda or Swiss Emmentaler.

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.?

In Australia, “free time” is valued. This is how you like to finish office work on time. There are even evil voices claiming that Australians only work to get away from the stresses of their free time.

Barbecue is very popular, so grilling. That is simply part of the evening in many families. Family celebrations and garden parties are often combined with barbecues. The temperatures allow this almost all the time.

Anyone who works in the city gets into the car at 5 p.m. and tortures their way back to their house or apartment through the traffic jams on the highways (motorways). Since work usually starts at 9 a.m., Australians work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

National Sorry Day – what is it?

Since 1998, Australians have been celebrating a very special holiday alongside about 30 other holidays: National Sorry Day. And that always happens on May 26th. This day is the day of remembrance for the so-called “stolen generation”. This refers to the Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents between 1920 and 1969 to give them to other families. You were forcibly adopted. This day is supposed to remind of this crime and at the same time one wants to ask for forgiveness.

King or Queen of Australia?

The Australian Confederation is now a parliamentary monarchy. The capital is called Canberra, and around 340,000 people live there. The prime minister, who is democratically elected, also rules the capital. The parliament consists of a lower house and an upper house. It’s like the UK.

The Australian constitution is a mix of the British and American. But Australia is still a monarchy and the head of state is the Queen or King of Great Britain. However, the British royal family has nothing to say or does not get involved in politics.