Types of Employment Contracts

By | April 21, 2018

As most people know, there are several types of employment contracts. At the time of signing a new employment contract it is important to know the meaning of the different types of contracts.

But before we begin to enunciate all kinds of existing employment contracts, it is important to clarify what “contract of employment” really means. In a very brief form, an employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee, under which the employee undertakes to provide services of a manual or intellectual nature, receiving in return a monetary compensation paid monthly.

Types of Employment Contracts

Now that this point is clarified, let us begin by stating the different types of employment contracts that exist under national legislation.

1. Existing employment contracts

We leave a very succinct description of each of the types of existing employment contracts:

  • Term contract is a fixed term contract , which can be made and renewed for a maximum period of three years.
  • Indefinite – term contract – Also known as an uncertain term work contract . It is a contract that aims to meet the temporary needs of a company. It is a contract with no fixed duration.
  • Contract of employment without term – is a contract between an employer and an employee, without any pre-determined duration .
  • Part – time employment contract – popularly known as ” part-time “. It is an employment contract, under which the worker assumes a lower working schedule than the full-time one.

These are the main types of employment contract. There are other forms of employment contract, less regular, such as:

  • Employment contract with employer plurality
  • Intermittent work contract
  • Work promise contract
  • Service contract work contract
  • Pre-Form Contract

2. Model contract of employment

If you are looking for a template or draft contract of employment, you can find them in one of the following links:

  • Model contract of employment for the Public Service
  • Draft of Employment Contract for the Private Sector
  • 10 Examples of word work contracts for download

In these links you will find a large number of minutes, including an example of a work contract and a draft of termination of employment contract.

3. Experimental period

The probationary period is a determining factor in an employment contract, which may mark the beginning of the relationship between an official and an employer. This period is defined according to the type of employment contract and allows companies to test the suitability of work and also that the worker can better understand the environment and working conditions.

Under the trial period, both parties may terminate the agreement without justification or notice. The experimental period starts from the first day of work activity.

Examples of duration of the trial period:

3.1. Term contracts

  • Contracts of 6 months or less – 30 days
  • Contract of less than 6 months – 15 days

3.2. Unlimited contracts

  • Overall – 90 days
  • Positions of high responsibility or of great technical complexity – 180 day
  • Senior Management – 240 days

Generally speaking, this is the most relevant information you need to know about employment contracts.