Tuvalu Culture of Business

By | July 24, 2022

Tuvalu: Map of industry opportunities – perspective Czech export items

The most promising items for Czech exports, sectors for investment, privatization and development projects

Business opportunities are limited in such a small market, the vast majority of consumer goods are imported, but the purchasing power of the population is low. From the point of view of development and investment projects, the opportunity is represented by small energy (especially photovoltaic), water treatment and distribution, waste management, but also construction machinery and technology. Supplies to EU development projects can also be an opportunity.

  • Programingplease: Yearbook 2010 of nation Tuvalu, including population, politics, and abbreviations.

Tuvalu: Basic conditions for the use of Czech goods on the market

Tuvalu’s economic base is extremely narrow and underdeveloped. The establishment of companies is governed by the Rules for the Registration of Companies.

Market entry: distribution and sales channels, use of local representatives, other factors affecting sales

Import conditions and documents, customs system, export control, domestic market protection

The system of import duties is very simple. AUD 10 is levied per 1000 kilograms of imported goods, or per cubic metre, whichever yield is higher. Goods imported by the government, diplomatic mail, postal parcels, water and gifts to the government of Tuvalu are exempt from import duties. More information in the Tuvalu Customs Regulations.

It is prohibited to import counterfeit currency, objectionable food, obscene (pornographic materials), infected cattle, matches containing white or yellow phosphorus, counterfeit branded products, opium and preparations for its use, products with logos of the British royal family produced without authorization, shaving brushes from Japan, of China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka or the Philippines, fictitious stamps, gravity knives and boxers, imitation weapons, gambling devices and other goods prohibited by special regulations. (source: Customs Revenue and Border Protection Act 2014 ).

Conditions for setting up an office, representative office, joint venture

In 2009, the International Companies Act was passed , allowing the establishment of a foreign company. However, this company is subject to relatively fundamental restrictions, in particular the impossibility of doing business with local entities or the prohibition of owning real estate in Tuvalu.

Setting up a local company is possible, but not widely used. In 2010, according to the Tuvalu Business Center, a total of seven foreign companies operated in Tuvalu, mainly in the hospitality industry. The registered capital of a company established in this way must be at least AUD 20,000.

The establishment of joint ventures with government participation is governed by the Foreign Direct Investment Act of 1996.

Requirements for promotion, marketing, advertising (use of HSP), important fairs and exhibitions in the territory

According to the Pacific Island Private Sector Organization Doing Business in Tuvalu 2013 report, most marketing in the territory operates on a personal referral basis. There is very limited use of the radio or the Internet.

Issues of intellectual property protection

Similar to Kiribati, Tuvalu uses the legal framework of British laws to protect intellectual property. Recently, outdated regulations from the 1970s and 1980s have been replaced by newer British regulations from 2008.

List of laws relating to the protection of intellectual property in Tuvalu

Public procurement market

The public procurement market is governed by the Public Procurement Regulations 2014 and the main responsible body is the Central Procurement Unit. The tendering section of the website does not currently contain any tenders.

Ways of resolving commercial disputes, risks of the local market and investing in the territory, usual payment terms, payment ethics

The authors do not state.

Local customs important for business contacts, official and spoken language(s), public holidays, working and sales hours

Official languages: English, Tuvaluan

Holidays :

  • New Year: 1. 1.
  • Commonwealth Day: 9. 3.
  • Good Friday: 3.4.
  • Easter Monday: 6.4.
  • Good News Date: 11. 5.
  • Queen’s Birthday: 15/6
  • Children’s Day: 3.8.
  • Tuvalu: 1-2. 10.
  • 1st Christmas holiday: 25 December
  • Boxing Day: 28. 12.

Visas, fees, specific conditions for traveling to the territory (areas with increased risk for foreigners)

The visa is granted on arrival for a period of one month. A return ticket must be presented. There are also restrictions on the import and export of funds above 3000 AUD.

Recommended vaccinations: Hepatitis A and B, typhoid and tetanus. Dengue fever is also present in the place.

Conditions for employment of citizens from the Czech Republic

The authors do not state.

 Conditions for the use of local health care by Czech and EU citizens

The healthcare sector is extremely small. In 2008-2009, Tuvalu received funds to build several health centers on several of its islands. More will be built in the following years. The main hospital is Princess Margaret Hospital. It is recommended to take out high-quality health insurance with coverage for possible transportation to Australia in case of more serious difficulties. It is strongly recommended to drink only bottled or boiled water.

Tuvalu Culture of Business