Truskavets, Ukraine

By | December 16, 2022

Truskavets is located 100 km from Lviv in the valley of the northern foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at an altitude of 350 m above sea level. On the territory of the resort there are fourteen sources of mineral waters and deposits of “mountain wax” – ozocerite. The resort is very compact, gradually acquiring a European style: many shops, boutiques, restaurants, discos, a supermarket and a cinema. The season here lasts all year round, and its “peak” falls on the period from May to October. Check clothingexpress for information about visa to Ukraine.

How to get to Truskavets

The most convenient way to get to Truskavets is from Lviv. There are no direct flights between Russia and Ukraine now, but you can fly with a transfer. There are flights from Moscow with a connection in Minsk, Warsaw or Baku. And from St. Petersburg – with a stop in Minsk, Warsaw or Vienna. In addition, the Moscow-Lviv train departs daily at 15:59 from the Kievsky railway station, the travel time is about 22.5 hours, the fare is from 5417 RUB one way.

From Lviv to Truskavets about 100 km. There are a lot of trains, travel time is from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, ticket prices start from 60 UAH. In addition, buses run from Lviv to Truskavets (about 2 hours on the way). Minibuses go a little faster – about an hour and a half, they leave every hour from the railway station in Lviv.

You can get from Kyiv to Truskavets by the Kobzar branded train, which departs daily from the central railway station at 20:12. The train takes 11 hours 47 minutes and arrives in Truskavets the next morning at 7:59, the fare is from 500 UAH one way.

Directly from Moscow to Truskavets can be reached by bus. They depart every day at 10:00 from the Novoyasenevskaya bus station. The bus goes almost a day, the ticket costs from 4600 RUB.


The main healing factors of the resort are mineral waters and ozocerite, they are complemented by forest air and good ecological conditions. It treats chronic inflammatory processes of the kidneys and urinary tract, urolithiasis, condition after surgical and instrumental stone removal, inflammation of the liver and biliary tract, residual effects of hepatitis, metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus and some other ailments.

Methods of treatment in sanatoriums and hospitals of Truskavets: balneotherapy, mud therapy, thermotherapy, physiotherapy, aerotherapy, cosmetology, massage, exercise therapy, dentistry, prosthetics, non-traditional methods of treatment (psychotherapy – hypnotary, electrosleep; phytotherapy – therapeutic drinks; speleotherapy).

The main medicinal water of the resort, Naftusya, is hydrocarbonate, slightly mineralized, with a high content of organic substances of petroleum origin. It contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, stimulates the removal of small stones and sand from the kidneys, gallbladder, urinary and choleretic tracts, reduces the lithogenicity of urine and bile, that is, reduces the risk of re-stone formation. There are two main pump-rooms in Truskavets – “upper” and “lower” (pump-room is a structure directly above the mineral spring).

In addition to “Naftusya”, springs “Maria”, “Sofia” and “Yuzya” are popular in Truskavets. Each of these waters is supplied in pump rooms with different temperatures to enhance the healing properties.

Weather in Truskavets

Moderately humid and warm climate. The warmest months are July and August, the coldest months are January and February. The average temperature in January is -6 °C, in July +18 °C. Winter is usually short and relatively warm, spring is long and windy, summer is warm and rainy, autumn is dry and warm.

The region has low and unstable atmospheric pressure. This should be considered by people who have problems with blood pressure.

Truskavets, Ukraine