Top Universities in Maine

By | April 20, 2019

For those interested in studying in Maine, we have a very useful list. We selected the best Maine institutions for prospective students. Please know that rankings are based on academic research, alumni reviews, graduation rates, as well as assessment from peer colleges. On the page, you will find major admissions stats such as acceptance rate, tuition fees, average SAT scores for each ranked college or university.

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Rankings Schools
1 University of Maine (Orono, ME)
Tuition: in-state: $10,594, out-of-state: $27,454
Total enrollment: 11,168
Fall 2011 acceptance rate: 77.7%
Average freshman retention rate: 78%
6-year graduation rate: 60%
Classes with under 20 students: 53.2%
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile: 970-1190


Top Universities in Maine

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