Top Physics Schools in West Virginia

By | April 29, 2018

On, you can learn what the top-ranked physics colleges and universities are in West Virginia, and compare the best physics colleges, and get the latest ranking of best schools for physics in West Virginia. From the following table, please see full list of top graduate schools of physics in West Virginia including school information and contact profile.

  • According to foodezine, the nickname of West Virginia is The Mountain State.

Top Physics Schools in West Virginia

1 West Virginia University, Department of Physics
Address: PO Box 6315, Morgantown, WV 26506-6315
Phone: (304) 293-3422

Population of West Virginia

About 1,860,000 people live in the state of West Virginia (thirty-seventh in terms of population among US states. The average population density in the state is about 30 people per km 2 (twenty-ninth place in the USA).

West Virginia’s largest city is its capital, Charleston, which is home to over 50,000 people. Other major cities in the state are Huntington (about 50,000 people), Parkersburg (over 30,000 people), Morgantown (about 30,000 people) and Wheeling (about 30,000 people).

The largest urban agglomeration in West Virginia (more than 300,000 residents) has grown around Charleston. Other clusters of settlements formed around Huntington (it also included the cities of the neighboring states of Kentucky and Ohio, about 300,000 residents in total), Parkersburg (about 160,000 residents), Morgantown (about 130,000 residents) and Wheeling (about 150,000 residents). In addition, West Virginia’s easternmost county, Jefferson, is part of the US capital metropolitan area of Washington, D.C..

West Virginia has been called “the southernmost state in the North, the northernmost state in the South, the easternmost state in the West, and the westernmost state in the East.” It is not surprising that residents of the northern districts of the state feel close to the population of Pennsylvania (one of the states of the Northeast of the USA), the southeastern – to Virginia and Maryland ( the states of the South of the USA), and the western – to Ohio (one of the states of the Midwest of the USA).

The racial composition of the population of West Virginia:

  • White – 93.9%
  • Black – 3.4%
  • Asians – 0.7%
  • Native Americans (Indians or Eskimos of Alaska) – 0.2%
  • Native Hawaiian or Oceanian – less than 0.1%
  • Other races – 0.3%
  • Two or more races – 1.5%
  • Hispanic or Latino (of any race) – 1.2%

The largest ethnic (national) groups among the population of the state of West Virginia:

  • English – 35.2%
  • Germans – 17.2%
  • Irish – 8%
  • Scots – Irish (Ulster Scots) – 5%
  • Italians – 4.8%

Among West Virginians, only about 1.1% are not natives of the United States of America, the lowest percentage of any US state. The state also has the fewest people for whom English is not their native language – only 2.7%.

The largest population groups in the state of West Virginia by religion:

  • Christians – about 77%, including:
    • Protestants – about 70%, including:
      • Baptists – about 27%
      • Methodists – about 13%
      • Lutherans – about 1%
    • Catholics – about 7%
  • Jews – about 1%
  • Adherents of other religions – about 3%
  • Atheists – more than 15%