Top Physics Schools in Louisiana

By | April 29, 2018

On, you can learn what the top-ranked physics colleges and universities are in Louisiana, and compare the best physics colleges, and get the latest ranking of best schools for physics in Louisiana. From the following table, please see full list of top graduate schools of physics in Louisiana including school information and contact profile.

  • According to foodezine, the nickname of Louisiana is The Pelican State.

Top Physics Schools in Louisiana

1 Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Address: 202 Nicholson Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001
Phone: (225) 578-2261
Email: [email protected]

Some Notable Louisiana Natives and Residents

  • Nicolas Girod(1751–1840), businessman and politician, mayor of New Orleans from 1812–1815. He is also known as a conspirator to rescue Napoleon Bonaparte from his exile on Saint Helena. Born in France, but later lived in Louisiana.
  • Jean Lafitte (Jean Lafitte, ca. 1780–ca. 1823) was a pirate (privateer) and smuggler who participated in the Anglo-American War of 1812–1815 on the side of the United States. Born in France, but later lived in Louisiana.
  • John James Audubon (1785–1851) famous ornithologist and artist. Born in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (modern Haiti), but later lived in Louisiana.
  • Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829–1869) was a popular composer and pianist. Born in New Orleans.
  • George Washington Cable (1844–1925) was a popular writer. Born in New Orleans.
  • Edward Douglas White (Edward Douglass White, 1845-1921) – famous lawyer, politician and statesman. Born in Thibodeau.
  • James Hardy Dillard (James Hardy Dillard, 1856–1940) was a famous teacher who worked at Tulane University and actively campaigned for the provision of a proper education for black Americans. Born in Virginia, but later lived in Louisiana.
  • Jelly Roll Morton (1890–1941) was a popular pianist, singer, composer and bandleader. Born in New Orleans.
  • Huey Pierce Long Jr. (Huey Pierce Long Jr., 1893-1935) is a well-known politician. Born in Winnfield.
  • Louis Daniel “Satchmo” Armstrong (1901–1971) was a legendary jazz musician and singer. Born in New Orleans.
  • Lillian Florence Hellman (1905-1984) was a novelist, screenwriter and playwright. Born in New Orleans.
  • Michael Ellis DeBakey (1908–2008) was an eminent cardiac surgeon. Born in Lake Charles.
  • Kitty Carlisle (Kitty Carlisle, 1910–2007) was an actress, singer and public figure. Born in New Orleans.
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  • Dorothy Lamour (Dorothy Lamour, 1914-1996) – popular actress and singer. Born in New Orleans.
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  • Harvey Laven “Van” Cliburn Jr. (Harvey Lavan “Van” Cliburn Jr., 1934–2013) is an outstanding pianist. Born in Shreveport.
  • Paul Prudhomme (Paul Prudhomme, 1940-2015) is a well-known chef, specialist in Creole and Cajun cuisine. Born in the city of Opelousas.
  • Huey Percy Newton (Huey Percy Newton, 1942–1989) was an activist in the civil rights movement for black Americans, one of the founders of the radical Black Panther Party. Born in Monroe.
  • Cokie Roberts (Cokie Roberts, 1943–2019) is a popular journalist and writer. Born in New Orleans.
  • Wynton Marsalis (Wynton Marsalis, 1961–) is a famous trumpeter, composer and bandleader. Born in New Orleans.