Top Part-time MBA Programs in Oregon

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 3 business schools in Oregon that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of Oregon MBA universities.

  • ASK4BEAUTY: Brief history and politics of state Oregon. Also covers latest population and geographical information of Oregon.

List of Top MBA Schools in Oregon

Rank MBA Schools
1 Portland State University
Acceptance rate: 0.667
Part-time Enrollment: 129
Average GMAT score: 607
Location: Portland, OR
2 University of Portland (Pamplin)
Acceptance rate: 0.563
Part-time Enrollment: 90
Average GMAT score: 537
Location: Portland, OR
3 Willamette University (Atkinson)
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 110
Average GMAT score: 513
Location: Salem, OR

Part-time MBA Programs in Oregon

Modern History of Oregon

It was under the influence of Jason Lee’s speeches that a group of Oregon Dragoons went west. So called themselves nineteen men from Peoria, Illinois, who set out in 1839 under the motto “Oregon or the Grave” and with the intention not only to colonize new lands in the name of the United States, but also to drive the English fur traders out of Oregon.

In the early forties of the XIX century, immigrants to Oregon from the east of the United States became even more. This caused an increase in tension between Great Britain and the United States, even a military conflict was brewing, but in 1846 an agreement was signed in Washington that established the border between the English colonies in Canada and American lands in the “Oregon Country”.

In Oregon, as early as 1843, local self-government was created by settlers; the official decision to create the Oregon Territory was made by the US government in 1848. The new territory included the lands of the present-day states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as parts of Wyoming and Montana. In 1853, Washington Territory seceded from Oregon, and on February 14, 1859, the US Congress decided to admit Oregon to the union as the thirty-third state of the United States. Characteristically, although slavery was banned in the new state, free people with black skin were also banned from entering Oregon.

During the Civil War, cavalry and infantry regiments were formed in Oregon, mainly guarding trade routes and settlements in the Northwestern United States.

The population of Oregon continued to grow. During the California gold rush, some Oregonians went in search of the precious metal, but the rapid growth of the southern neighbor created new markets for the state’s farmers and lumberjacks.