Top Part-time MBA Programs in North Carolina

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 14 business schools in North Carolina that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of North Carolina MBA universities.

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List of Top MBA Schools in North Carolina

Rank MBA Schools
1 Wake Forest University (Babcock)
Acceptance rate: 0.907
Part-time Enrollment: 236
Average GMAT score: 589
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
2 University of North Carolina–Charlotte (Belk)
Acceptance rate: 0.754
Part-time Enrollment: 307
Average GMAT score: 588
Location: Charlotte, NC
3 North Carolina State University (Jenkins)
Acceptance rate: 0.869
Part-time Enrollment: 323
Average GMAT score: 563
Location: Raleigh, NC
4 University of North Carolina–Greensboro (Bryan)
Acceptance rate: 0.617
Part-time Enrollment: 104
Average GMAT score: 586
Location: Greensboro, NC
5 University of North Carolina–Wilmington (Cameron)
Acceptance rate: 0.767
Part-time Enrollment: 65
Average GMAT score: 547
Location: Wilmington, NC
6 Elon University (Love)
Acceptance rate: 0.77
Part-time Enrollment: 135
Average GMAT score: 568
Location: Elon, NC
7 Appalachian State University (Walker)
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 26
Average GMAT score: 482
Location: Boone, NC
8 East Carolina University
Acceptance rate: 0.745
Part-time Enrollment: 607
Average GMAT score: 530
Location: Greenville, NC
9 Fayetteville State University
Acceptance rate: 0.556
Part-time Enrollment: 104
Average GMAT score: 500
Location: Fayetteville, NC
10 Meredith College
Acceptance rate: 0.867
Part-time Enrollment: 78
Average GMAT score: 476
Location: Raleigh, NC
11 North Carolina A&T State University
Acceptance rate: 0.143
Part-time Enrollment: 6
Average GMAT score: 430
Location: Greensboro, NC
12 North Carolina Central University
Acceptance rate: 0.706
Part-time Enrollment: 30
Average GMAT score: 468
Location: Durham, NC
13 Winston-Salem State University
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 46
Average GMAT score: 445
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
14 Western Carolina University
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 202
Average GMAT score: 518
Location: Cullowhee, NC

Part-time MBA Programs in North Carolina