Top Part-time MBA Programs in Minnesota

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 5 business schools in Minnesota that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of Minnesota MBA universities.

  • ASK4BEAUTY: Brief history and politics of state Minnesota. Also covers latest population and geographical information of Minnesota.

List of Top MBA Schools in Minnesota

Rank MBA Schools
1 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities (Carlson)
Acceptance rate: 0.863
Part-time Enrollment: 1459
Average GMAT score: 606
Location: Minneapolis, MN
2 University of Minnesota–Duluth (Labovitz)
Acceptance rate: 0.733
Part-time Enrollment: 74
Average GMAT score: 585
Location: Duluth, MN
3 University of St. Thomas
Acceptance rate: 0.993
Part-time Enrollment: 947
Average GMAT score: 531
Location: Minneapolis, MN
4 St. Cloud State University (Herberger)
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 114
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: St. Cloud, MN
5 Minnesota State University–Mankato
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 106
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: Mankato, MN

Part-time MBA Programs in Minnesota

Some National Historic Landmarks in Minnesota

  • Fort Snelling was the first American military settlement in Minnesota, established in 1825. Located in the suburbs of present-day Minneapolis.
  • Homestead of Oliver Kelly, farmer and social activist, in Elk River City. It was built in 1850.
  • A farm near the town of Närstrand, where the famous economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen spent his childhood. It was built in 1870.
  • The Pillsbury-A mill is a flour mill built in Minneapolis in 1881 and for forty years was the largest in the world.
  • The house in the city of Paul, in which the famous writer writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald lived . It was built in 1889.
  • A house in the town of Sok Center where famous author Sinclair Lewis spent his childhood. It was built in 1889.
  • Home of Frank Kellogg, politician and statesman, in the City of Saint Paul It was built in 1889.
  • The home of railroad tycoon James Jerome Hill in Saint Paul, built in 1891.
  • The Hull Rust Mahoning open pit near Hibbing is one of the largest iron ore open pits in the world. Development has been going on since 1895.
  • The Peavy-Haglin Experimental Elevator in Louis Park is the world’s first cylindrical concrete grain storage elevator. Was built in 1900.
  • The Saudan Mine, near the Tower, is Minnesota’s oldest (opened in 1900), deepest (713 meters) and richest iron ore mine.
  • Homestead of Charles August Lindberg Sr., a lawyer and politician, on the outskirts of the city of Little Falls, where his son Charles Lindbergh Jr., a famous pilot in the future, spent his childhood. It was built in 1906.
  • Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior, built in 1910
  • Mayo Clinic building (“Plummer Building”) in Rochester, built in 1928 in the Art Deco style.
  • Camp Rabideau is a camp for workers of the Civilian Conservation Corps located in the Chippewa National Forest near the town of Blackduck. It was created in 1935.