Top Part-time MBA Programs in Michigan

Rank MBA Schools
1 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)
Acceptance rate: 0.727
Part-time Enrollment: 434
Average GMAT score: 657
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
2 University of Michigan–Dearborn
Acceptance rate: 0.531
Part-time Enrollment: 421
Average GMAT score: 597
Location: Dearborn, MI
3 University of Michigan–Flint
Acceptance rate: 0.478
Part-time Enrollment: 193
Average GMAT score: 529
Location: Flint, MI
4 Grand Valley State University (Seidman)
Acceptance rate: 0.861
Part-time Enrollment: 212
Average GMAT score: 567
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
5 Wayne State University
Acceptance rate: 0.395
Part-time Enrollment: 785
Average GMAT score: 485
Location: Detroit, MI
6 Western Michigan University (Haworth)
Acceptance rate: 0.615
Part-time Enrollment: 381
Average GMAT score: 519
Location: Kalamazoo, MI
7 Eastern Michigan University
Acceptance rate: 0.479
Part-time Enrollment: 270
Average GMAT score: 521
Location: Ypsilanti, MI
8 University of Detroit Mercy
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 133
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: Detroit, MI
9 Michigan Technological University
Acceptance rate: 0.529
Part-time Enrollment: 19
Average GMAT score: 517
Location: Houghton, MI

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