Top Part-time MBA Programs in Massachusetts

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 14 business schools in Massachusetts that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of Massachusetts MBA universities.

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List of Top MBA Schools in Massachusetts

Rank MBA Schools
1 Babson College (Olin)
Acceptance rate: 0.968
Part-time Enrollment: 930
Average GMAT score: 575
Location: Babson Park, MA
2 Boston University
Acceptance rate: 0.748
Part-time Enrollment: 693
Average GMAT score: 609
Location: Boston, MA
3 Boston College (Carroll)
Acceptance rate: 0.809
Part-time Enrollment: 435
Average GMAT score: 593
Location: Chestnut Hill, MA
4 University of Massachusetts–Amherst (Isenberg)
Acceptance rate: 0.774
Part-time Enrollment: 1173
Average GMAT score: 562
Location: Amherst, MA
5 Bentley University (McCallum)
Acceptance rate: 0.851
Part-time Enrollment: 354
Average GMAT score: 575
Location: Waltham, MA
6 Northeastern University
Acceptance rate: 0.85
Part-time Enrollment: 435
Average GMAT score: 552
Location: Boston, MA
7 University of Massachusetts–Boston
Acceptance rate: 0.398
Part-time Enrollment: 85
Average GMAT score: 570
Location: Boston, MA
8 Clark University
Acceptance rate: 0.931
Part-time Enrollment: 103
Average GMAT score: 557
Location: Worcester, MA
9 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Acceptance rate: 0.305
Part-time Enrollment: 230
Average GMAT score: 570
Location: Worcester, MA
10 Simmons College
Acceptance rate: 0.94
Part-time Enrollment: 34

Average GMAT score: 504
Location: Boston, MA

11 University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth (Charlton)
Acceptance rate: 0.8
Part-time Enrollment: 94
Average GMAT score: 432
Location: North Dartmouth, MA
12 University of Massachusetts–Lowell
Acceptance rate: 0.801
Part-time Enrollment: 332
Average GMAT score: 540
Location: Lowell, MA
13 Suffolk University (Sawyer)
Acceptance rate: 0.865
Part-time Enrollment: 305
Average GMAT score: 478
Location: Boston, MA
14 Western New England University
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 163
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: Springfield, MA

Part-time MBA Programs in Massachusetts