Top Part-time MBA Programs in Kansas

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 5 business schools in Kansas that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of Kansas MBA universities.

  • ASK4BEAUTY: Brief history and politics of state Kansas. Also covers latest population and geographical information of Kansas.

List of Top MBA Schools in Kansas

Rank MBA Schools
1 University of Kansas
Acceptance rate: 0.907
Part-time Enrollment: 274
Average GMAT score: 539
Location: Lawrence, KS
2 Wichita State University (Barton)
Acceptance rate: 0.553
Part-time Enrollment: 158
Average GMAT score: 558
Location: Wichita, KS
3 Emporia State University
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 46
Average GMAT score: 564
Location: Emporia, KS
4 Pittsburg State University (Kelce)
Acceptance rate: 0.827
Part-time Enrollment: 35
Average GMAT score: 500
Location: Pittsburg, KS
5 Washburn University
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 69Average GMAT score: 498
Location: Topeka, KS

Part-time MBA Programs in Kansas

Some National Historic Landmarks in Kansas

  • The site of the battle of “Black Jack” near the town of Palmyra Township, where in 1856 an armed clash took place between abolitionists (led by John Brown) and supporters of slavery.
  • Council Grove Historic District, where in 1825 an agreement was signed between the Osage Indians and the US government, which provided safe passage for American merchant caravans along the “Santa Fe Trail” through Indian lands. It later became a stopover and supply point along this trade route.
  • Fort Leavenworth in Leavenworth is the oldest (built in 1827) American military fort west of Washington, DC, and the oldest American settlement in Kansas.
  • Hollenberg (Cottonwood) Pony Express Station in Hanover is a well-preserved station on the route used by horse couriers to deliver mail from Missouri to California.
  • Home of Carrie Nation, prominent sobriety activist, in Medicine Lodge.
  • Parker’s Carousel in Abilene is one of three surviving children’s carousels produced by a company operating in that city. It was built between 1898 and 1901.
  • The Shawnee Mission was founded in 1830 in what is now Turner and moved to Fairway in 1839. It was created by Methodist missionaries to convert the Shawnee Indians who were resettled in Kansas to Christianity.
  • Spring Hill Ranch is a farm founded in 1878, around which the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve was later created.
  • The Western branch of the National Veterans House is a complex of buildings (hospital, residential and public buildings), built in 1885 in Leavenworth for disabled veterans of the Civil War.
  • House of William Allen White, a well-known journalist and public figure, in the city of Emporia.

Kansas state symbols

  • Tree – deltoid poplar (Populus deltoides)
  • Flower – sunflower (Helianthus)
  • Grass – schizachyrium paniculata (Schizachyrium scoparium)
  • Beast – American bison (Bison bison)
  • Bird – western meadow troupial (Sturnella neglecta)
  • Fish – channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)
  • Reptile – painted box turtle (Terrapene ornata)
  • Amphibian – western tiger salamander (Ambystoma mavortium)
  • Insect – honey bee (Apis mellifera)
  • Grape Varieties – Chambourcin and Vignoli
  • Precious (ornamental) stone – amber
  • Mineral – galena
  • Rock – greenhorn limestone
  • Fossils – Tylosaurus and Pteranodon
  • Song – Home on the Range(“House on the Range” composed by Daniel Kelly, lyrics by Brewster Higley)

Fifty states

The Kansas Fifty States Quarter Dollar coin features the American bison and the sunflower, two of the state’s official symbols.

America the Beautiful

One of the quarter dollar coins from the America the Beautiful series is dedicated to the Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, located in the state of Kansas.

The coin depicts a nymphalid butterfly (Speyeria idalia) flying between the stems of the Gerard bearded vulture plant (Andropogon gerardii).

The inscription on the coin reads Tallgrass Prairie (“Tall Grass Prairie”).