Top Part-time MBA Programs in Indiana

By | April 20, 2019

We have found 12 business schools in Indiana that offer part-time MBA programs leading to an Master of Business Administration degree. Check the following list to see average GMAT score, acceptance rate and total enrollment for each of Indiana MBA universities.

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List of Top MBA Schools in Indiana

Rank MBA Schools
1 Indiana University–Bloomington (Kelley)
Acceptance rate: 0.535
Part-time Enrollment: 294
Average GMAT score: 614
Location: Bloomington, IN
2 Purdue University–West Lafayette (Krannert)
Acceptance rate: 0.909
Part-time Enrollment: 146
Average GMAT score: 594
Location: West Lafayette, IN
3 Ball State University (Miller)
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 127
Average GMAT score: 539
Location: Muncie, IN
4 Butler University
Acceptance rate: 0.687
Part-time Enrollment: 220
Average GMAT score: 593
Location: Indianapolis, IN
5 Indiana University-Purdue University–Fort Wayne (Doermer)
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 130
Average GMAT score: 547
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
6 Valparaiso University
Acceptance rate: 0.635
Part-time Enrollment: 45
Average GMAT score: 556
Location: Valparaiso, IN
7 Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Eberly)
Acceptance rate: 0.783
Part-time Enrollment: 73
Average GMAT score: 555
Location: Indiana, PA
8 Indiana University–Southeast
Acceptance rate: 0.89
Part-time Enrollment: 252
Average GMAT score: 540
Location: New Albany, IN
9 Indiana State University
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 20
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: Terre Haute, IN
10 Indiana University Northwest
Acceptance rate: 0.927
Part-time Enrollment: 100
Average GMAT score: 460
Location: Gary, IN
11 Indiana University–Kokomo
Acceptance rate: 1
Part-time Enrollment: 30
Average GMAT score: 511
Location: Kokomo, IN
12 University of Southern Indiana
Acceptance rate: 0.478
Part-time Enrollment: 80
Average GMAT score: 518
Location: Evansville, IN

Part-time MBA Programs in Indiana

Indiana Geography

The largest (more than eight hundred kilometers) Indiana river is the Wabash. Flowing almost entirely through Indiana and forming the border with Illinois in the southwest, this tributary of the Ohio River is one of the symbols of the state. In addition to Michigan, there are more than a thousand lakes in Indiana.

Most of Indiana has a humid continental climate, changing to subtropical in the south of the state. The Hoosier State typically has cool winters and warm summers, with precipitation fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. Like other states in the Midwestern United States, Indiana experiences frequent heavy snowfalls and blizzards during the winter, caused by the so-called “Great Lakes snow effect”.

In North Indiana, South Bend, the coldest winter month, January, averages between -8°C and 0°C, while the hottest month, July, averages between 17°C and 29°C. In the largest city and state capital, Indianapolis, the average temperature in winter is usually between -6°C and 2°C, and in summer between 19°C and 30°C. In the south of Indiana, in the city of Evansville, in January the temperature ranges from -4°C to 5°C, in July – from 20°C to 31°C.

Although Indiana lies off the ” tornado alley “, the state is often hit by devastating tornadoes.