Top Part-time MBA Programs in Illinois

Rank MBA Schools
1 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 961
Average GMAT score: 690
Location: Evanston, IL
2 University of Chicago (Booth)
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 1501
Average GMAT score: 684
Location: Chicago, IL
3 DePaul University (Kellstadt)
Acceptance rate: 0.73
Part-time Enrollment: 1987
Average GMAT score: 600
Location: Chicago, IL
4 Loyola University Chicago
Acceptance rate: 0.621
Part-time Enrollment: 575
Average GMAT score: 542
Location: Chicago, IL
5 University of Illinois–Chicago (Liautaud)
Acceptance rate: 0.606
Part-time Enrollment: 183
Average GMAT score: 582
Location: Chicago, IL
6 Illinois State University
Acceptance rate: N/A
Part-time Enrollment: 128
Average GMAT score: 578
Location: Normal, IL
7 Bradley University (Foster)
Acceptance rate: 0.902
Part-time Enrollment: 99
Average GMAT score: 543
Location: Peoria, IL
8 Northern Illinois University
Acceptance rate: 0.851
Part-time Enrollment: 506
Average GMAT score: 502
Location: De Kalb, IL
9 University of Illinois–Springfield
Acceptance rate: 0.694
Part-time Enrollment: 153
Average GMAT score: 514
Location: Springfield, IL
10 Illinois Institute of Technology (Stuart)
Acceptance rate: 0.857
Part-time Enrollment: 38
Average GMAT score: N/A
Location: Chicago, IL
11 Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville
Acceptance rate: 0.674
Part-time Enrollment: 136
Average GMAT score: 497
Location: Edwardsville, IL
12 Western Illinois University
Acceptance rate: 0.938
Part-time Enrollment: 51
Average GMAT score: 547
Location: Macomb, IL

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