Top Math Schools in West Virginia

By | April 19, 2019

Offers latest ranking of top schools for mathematics in West Virginia. You can learn what the top-ranked math colleges and universities are in West Virginia, and compare the best math colleges on Search the top graduate schools in math, view school profiles, and contact information for all 1 mathematics colleges in West Virginia. See growtheology for general information about West Virginia, including geography, major cities, politics, population, economy and famous people of state West Virginia.

Top Math Schools in West Virginia

School Rank Graduate Mathematics
1 West Virginia University
Department of Mathematics
Address: 320 Armstrong Hall, Morgantown, WV 26506-6310
Admissions Phone: (304) 293-2011
Admissions E-mail:
Admissions Website:

West Virginia History

The eastern counties of West Virginia, particularly Harpers Ferry, suffered the most from the war. The city, which was of strategic importance due to its geographical position, the railway passing through it, and also because of the large arsenal located in it, changed hands eight times during the war years.

The echoes of the war that split the country influenced the residents of the “Mountain State” for a long time to come. The feud between the families living on the two banks of the Tag Fore River went down in the history of the United States: the McCoys from Kentucky and the Hatfields from West Virginia.

This terrible story began in 1865, when Harmon McCoy, a soldier of the northern army, who was fired due to a wound, was killed. Suspicion of the murder fell on a member of the Hatfield clan, Jim Vance, whose sympathies during the war years were given to the Confederacy, but his guilt was not proven, and in the end no one was ever held accountable. In 1880, the animosity that already existed between the families sharply escalated due to the murder of a witness by the McCoys who spoke in court on a property dispute in favor of the Hatfields. Added fuel to the fire and a romantic love story between the “Juliet of the Mountains” Suzanne McCoy and Johnson Hatfield. The bloody vendetta continued until 1891, killing eleven people from both families and injuring several more. Only after the intervention of the authorities, the confrontation was stopped.