Top Math Schools in North Dakota

By | April 19, 2019

Offers latest ranking of top schools for mathematics in North Dakota. You can learn what the top-ranked math colleges and universities are in North Dakota, and compare the best math colleges on Search the top graduate schools in math, view school profiles, and contact information for all 1 mathematics colleges in North Dakota. See growtheology for general information about North Dakota, including geography, major cities, politics, population, economy and famous people of state North Dakota.

Top Math Schools in North Dakota

School Rank Graduate Mathematics
1 North Dakota State University
Department of Mathematics
Address: #2750 1210 Albrecht Boulevard, Fargo, ND 58102
Admissions Phone: (701) 231-8175
Admissions E-mail:
Admissions Website:

U.S. rivers

Longest (excluding tributaries) rivers that flow (in whole or in part) through the United States
River Main channel length, km Where does it flow Through which states (countries) does it flow
one Missouri 3 768 Mississippi river Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri
2 Mississippi 3544 Gulf of Mexico Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana
3 Yukon 3 185 Bering Sea Canada (British Columbia, Yukon), Alaska
4 Rio Grande 2830 Gulf of Mexico Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico
5 Colorado 2330 gulf of california Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Mexico
6 Arkansas 2322 Mississippi river Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
7 Colombia 2000 Pacific Ocean Canada (British Columbia), Washington, Oregon
eight red river 1811 Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
9 Snake 1674 Columbia River Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
10 Ohio 1 575 Mississippi river Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky

The Mississippi is the largest river in the United States and North America, one of the largest rivers in the world. It originates in Lake Itasca, Minnesota, and flows into the Gulf of Mexico 150 kilometers from New Orleans, Louisiana. The main course of the river passes through ten states of the United States, and the Mississippi basin with tributaries is located in the territory of thirty-one states, from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Appalachians in the east. The Mississippi is the fourth longest (with the Missouri) and the fifteenth most flowing river in the world.

The main tributaries of the Mississippi are the Missouri, Arkansas, Red River (right); Ohio and Des Moines (left). The longest of the Mississippi’s tributaries is the Missouri, the second longest is the Arkansas. The most full-flowing tributary of the Mississippi is the Ohio River.

The widest point of the Mississippi River is Winnibigoshish Lake in Minnesota, where the river spills for about eleven kilometers.

The river is divided into the upper Mississippi (from the source to the confluence of the Ohio River) and the lower Mississippi (from the confluence of the Ohio to the mouth).

Mississippi is prone to periodic flooding, in the 20th century the floods that occurred in 1927 and 1993 led to disastrous consequences.

The Columbia River is the largest river in the northwestern United States and the deepest river on the Pacific coast of America. In some years, Columbia even exceeds the Mississippi in terms of runoff. Many hydroelectric power plants have been built on the Columbia River (including the largest in the United States – Grand Coulee in Washington State), due to the large volume of water and the elevation difference, there are excellent conditions for generating electricity.

The Colorado River, flowing in the southwestern United States and flowing into the Gulf of California of the Pacific Ocean, forms the famous Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon). In Colorado, in the thirties of the XX century, the world-famous Hoover Dam was built.

The most full-flowing (with the highest water flow) rivers of the United States of America are the Mississippi, Ohio, the St. Lawrence River, Columbia and Yukon.