Top Math Schools in Kentucky

By | April 19, 2019

Offers latest ranking of top schools for mathematics in Kentucky. You can learn what the top-ranked math colleges and universities are in Kentucky, and compare the best math colleges on Search the top graduate schools in math, view school profiles, and contact information for all 1 mathematics colleges in Kentucky. See growtheology for general information about Kentucky, including geography, major cities, politics, population, economy and famous people of state Kentucky.

Top Math Schools in Kentucky

School Rank Graduate Mathematics
1 University of Kentucky
Department of Mathematics
Address: 735 Patterson Office Tower, Lexington, KY 40506-0027
Admissions Phone: (800) 357-1113
Admissions E-mail:
Admissions Website:


Bourbon is an American whiskey, one of the unofficial symbols of the United States.

The main difference between bourbon and Scotch, Irish or other whiskey is that bourbon is made from corn (and not from barley, like traditional “European” varieties), and is aged in oak barrels before use, which are necessarily burned from the inside.

US law clearly stipulates what kind of whiskey can be called bourbon. To do this, the following basic requirements must be met:

  • the drink must be made in the USA;
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There are also a number of requirements on the alcohol content of bourbon and on the restriction of the use of additives and dyes (water, caramel, etc.)

There is no reliable data on the origin of bourbon, only that the first bourbon appeared in Kentucky. At the end of the 18th century, many immigrants from Scotland and Ireland arrived in Kentucky, who knew firsthand about the whiskey production process. Elijah Craig, a Baptist preacher, businessman and founder of Georgetown, is believed to be the first person to try to age whiskey in a charred barrel, which gave bourbon its reddish hue and unique taste. At the beginning of the 19th century, about two thousand distilleries were operating in Kentucky, producing whiskey from corn. Most of them were located in Bourbon County, so the drink they produced was also called “bourbon”.

Kentucky is still the leading producer of bourbon today. It is believed that more than 90% of bourbon is produced in the Bardstown area, which is called the “bourbon capital of the world.” There are hundreds of bourbons produced in Kentucky, including Jim BeamWild TurkeyHeaven HillFour Roses, and many more.

The fame of the producer of the best American whiskey in Kentucky is disputed by the state of Tennessee. The difference between “real Tennessee whiskey” and “classic bourbon” produced in Kentucky is that in Tennessee, whiskey is filtered through charcoal before bottling. The most famous brand of Tennessee whiskey is Jack Daniel’s.

A very popular trip to Kentucky is the “bourbon trail”, during which you can visit bourbon factories, learn about the history of this drink and, of course, try it.

To attract tourists and increase the popularity of their products, American whiskey producers hold an annual Bourbon Festival in Bardstown. Tasting of various sorts of bourbon, a cocktail competition, a “world championship” in rolling barrels and creating “sculptures” from them, jazz concerts – these and many other events annually attract tens of thousands of tourists to the “capital of bourbon”.