Top High Schools in Delaware

By | March 20, 2019

There are many public and private high schools in the state of Delaware. It is rather difficult for you to choose one that fits you most. In order for you to better evaluate your choice, we have ranked these high schools based on latest SAT/ACT scores, graduation rates, and state test scores from the Delaware Department of Education. See below for top 4 high schools throughout the state of Delaware. If you are interested in the list of all school districts and counties within Delaware, you can find it on COUNTRYAAH in alphabetical order.

Top High Schools in Delaware

# High Schools Honor
Charlton (John S.) School
Caesar Rodney School District
Kent County
278 Sorghum Mill Road
Camden-Wyoming, DE 19901
Telephone: (302) 697-3103
Ennis (Howard T.) School
Indian River School District
Sussex County
20346 Ennis Road
Georgetown, DE 19947
Telephone: (302) 856-1930
Sussex Consortium
Cape Henlopen School District
Sussex County
520 Dupont Avenue
Lewes, DE 19958
Telephone: (302) 645-7210
The Charter School of Wilmington
Charter School of Wilmington School District
New Castle County
100 North Dupont Road
Wilmington, DE 19807
Telephone: (302) 651-2727
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Best High Schools in Delaware

Delaware Facts

  • The official name of the state is State of Delaware (“State of Delaware”)
  • Region of the state – South Atlantic States, South of the USA
  • State area – 6,445 km 2 (including land – 5,059 km 2 and water surface – 1,386 km 2), 49th place among US states
  • State length:
    • from north to south – 154 km
    • from west to east – 48 km
  • The height of the relief of the state above sea level:
    • maximum – 137 m
    • minimum – 0 m
  • State Time Zone – US Eastern Time Zone
  • Date of state foundation – December 7, 1787 (1 state in the United States)
  • The state capital is Dover.
  • The largest city in the state is Wilmington.
  • The population of the state is about 990,000 people (46th place among US states)
  • The population density in the state is about 180 people / km 2 (6th place among US states)
  • The average household income in the state is about $ 62,850 (18th place among US states)
  • The state motto is Liberty and Independence.
  • State Nicknames – First State, Little Miracle, Blue Hen State
  • State abbreviation – DE

The state of Delaware is located in the South of the United States and belongs to the South Atlantic States. Delaware is bordered by the states of Maryland to the south and west, Pennsylvania to the north, and New Jersey to the northeast.

Most of the state of Delaware is virtually flat, part of the US Atlantic Lowlands. The average height of the relief of Delaware is the lowest of all US states, only in the very north rise the gentle hills of the Piedmont Plateau, the foothills of the Appalachian mountain system.

Delaware has a milder humid subtropical climate in the southern counties and a humid temperate climate in the north. Precipitation falls throughout the year, with heavy snowfalls in winter; thunderstorms in spring and summer; In autumn, the coast is occasionally hit by tropical storms and hurricanes.

The first European to explore the coast of Delaware (as well as neighboring New Jersey and New York) was in 1609 the Englishman Henry Hudson, who was on assignment from the Dutch East India Company. It was the Dutch who founded the first European settlement on the territory of Delaware, having built a trading post in 1631 (though it lasted no more than a year).