Top Education Schools in Idaho

By | April 28, 2018

Your search has generated 3 top-ranked education schools in Idaho. These colleges offer graduate study in field of education, leading to an Master degree. Check out the following table to see a list of major educational schools in the state of Idaho, each with enrollment statistics, tuition fees and contact information.

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List of Best Education Colleges in Idaho

Rank Education University
1 University of Idaho
PO Box 443080
Moscow, ID 83844
School: College of Education
In-State Tuition: $17,712 per year
Out-of-State Tuition: $17,712 per year
Enrollment: 162
2 Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725
School: College of Education
In-State Tuition: $4,455 per year
Out-of-State Tuition: $13,911 per year
Enrollment: 143
3 Idaho State University
921 S. Eighth Avenue
Pocatello, ID 83209
School: College of Education
In-State Tuition: N/A
Out-of-State Tuition: N/A
Enrollment: N/A

Top Education Schools in Idaho

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone National Park or simply Yellowstone, Yellowstone) is the oldest and one of the most famous national parks in the United States.

Yellowstone is located on the territory of three states – Wyoming (most of the park, about 96% of the total area), Idaho and Montana. The area of ​​​​the reserve is 8,983 km 2 (this is more than the states of Delaware or Rhode Island); the length of the park from north to south is 101 kilometers, and from west to east – 87 kilometers. The highest point of Yellowstone is Eagle Peak (3,466 meters above sea level), the lowest is the bank of the Reese Creek (1,610 meters).

On the territory of the park you can see rivers and lakes, valleys and mountain ranges, forests and meadows, canyons and waterfalls, numerous hot springs and geysers, one of the largest petrified forests in the world. The reserve is known, among other things, for the extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna.

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Yellowstone National Park is located in the upper reaches of the river of the same name (from which it takes its name). In turn, the river was so named by the indigenous Indians (and later by American pioneers) in honor of the yellow rocks (Yellowstone – “yellow stone”) discovered in one of the canyons of the future reserve.

Yellowstone National Park attracts millions of tourists for whom a convenient and developed infrastructure has been created.

On the territory of the modern Yellowstone National Park, at least eleven thousand years ago, the indigenous residents, the American Indians, already lived. In 1805, members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, exploring the northwest of the United States and passing through Montana, heard from local residents (Indians of the Ne-Perse, Shoshone and Crow peoples) about an unusual region located south. One of the participants of this expedition, John Colter, returned here in the winter of 1807-1808, becoming the first European to explore Yellowstone. He described the western regions of Wyoming, including colorful descriptions of the geysers and hot springs he saw. They did not believe Colter then, considering his stories to be fables and calling the places he described “Colter’s hell”.