Top Chemistry Schools in Nebraska

By | April 29, 2018

If you are going to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry within the state of Nebraska, then you have come to the right place. On this website, you will find the 2 best chemistry schools in Nebraska. Please note that these rankings are based on student reviews, graduation rates, and the academic surveys submitted by peer colleges and universities throughout Nebraska.

  • TRANSPORTHINT: Basic information, such as location, land area, population, capital and nickname of Nebraska. Also includes industry, economy, climate, geography and history of Nebraska.

Top Chemistry Schools in Nebraska

Ranking Graduate Chemistry
1 University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Department of Chemistry

Address: 516 Hamilton Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0304
Phone: (877) 335-6423
2 University of Nebraska Medical Center
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Address: 985870 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-5870
Phone: (402) 559-4417

Best Chemistry Colleges in Nebraska

Economy of Nebraska

The economy of Nebraska is based primarily on agriculture. In addition, financial companies and industrial enterprises operate in the state, cargo transportation is very well developed, and units of the US Armed Forces are based.

Several large American companies are headquartered in Nebraska, including Berkshire Hathaway (a holding company that invests in industry, transportation, publishing and other industries. Its chairman, Warren Buffett, is one of the richest people in the world), ConAgra Foods (manufacturing food products), Union Pacific (railway transportation), Valmont Industries (irrigation equipment manufacturer) and others.

Union Pacific ‘s Bailey Yard is located in North Platte, and is considered the largest rail yard in the world.

Nebraska is part of the ” grain belt of the United States “, the cultivation of cereals, primarily corn and wheat, is the basis of the economy of the “corn cob state”. In addition, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets and other crops grow in the fields of Nebraska. The state also has a very well developed livestock industry (Nebraska farmers raise cattle and pigs) and meat processing.

For the population of Nebraska, as well as for other “agricultural” states of the Midwestern United States (Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota), a process of outflow of residents (primarily young people) from rural areas to large cities is characteristic.

Not far from Omaha in Nebraska is Offut Air Force Base, the headquarters of the United States Strategic Command, which controls space operations, missile defense, and the strategic nuclear forces of the United States of America.

The state has several tourist attractions associated with both Nebraska ‘s natural features and its history, most notably the United States Western Settlement period. American pioneers Lewis and Clark traveled through Nebraska, the famous Oregon Trail and the Pony Express route of riding couriers passed through Nebraska. Today, a number of objects in Nebraska have the status of National Monuments and are protected by the US government.