Top 10 Most Densely Populated Cities in the Netherlands

By | February 8, 2023

The Netherlands is a busy country, and that is sometimes noticeable in our cities. There are a number of cities in our country that are very densely populated. Here people live very close to each other and you have to share a square kilometer with thousands of people. Are you curious which cities are the busiest in the Netherlands? Then read on, because here you will find the top 10 most populous cities in the Netherlands. Check philosophynearby for list of most populous provinces in Spain.

10. Krimpen aan den IJssel – 3812 inhabitants/km²

Those who live in Krimpen aan den IJssel have to share every square kilometer with no less than 3812 people. This place is located in South Holland, near the large Rotterdam . Many residents of this city are slowly but surely moving to the surrounding villages, so that they can live a little more quietly. The result? Krimpen aan den IJssel is now one of the most densely populated cities in the Netherlands.

9. Maassluis – 3836 inhabitants/km²

The name says it all: this place in South Holland has a beautiful location on the Maas. As a result, it became a crowded place quite early on, as it is of course the perfect place for traders who want to transport their goods by water. Maassluis now has 3836 inhabitants per square kilometer, but you live there beautifully. The center is filled with several old buildings that are all on the waterfront.

8. Schiedam – 4371 inhabitants/km²

The next city on this list is Schiedam, with an average of 4371 inhabitants per square meter. This town is known for its windmills, because Schiedam has the highest windmills in the world. In addition, it is also a historic city with beautiful rivers and canals that ripple through the center. Add to that the fact that it is almost right next to Rotterdam, and you immediately know why Schiedam is so popular.

7. Gouda – 4405 inhabitants/km²

The whole world knows Gouda, of course, because of the famous cheese that is made here. That is still one of the city’s showpieces, but that’s not all. The monumental buildings in the center are also special. Enough people know how to find their way to Gouda and decide to live here. As a result, you live there today with about 4405 inhabitants per square kilometer.

6. Delft – 4514 inhabitants/km²

Delft has been a Dutch city since the thirteenth century. This place became famous because Willem van Oranje lived there, so that deceased members of the royal family are still buried in the crypt of Delft. Due to this rich history, Delft is still one of the busiest cities in the Netherlands. That also goes quickly, because the surface of the city is not that big at all. As a result, there are now an average of 4514 inhabitants per square kilometer.

5. Capelle aan den IJssel – 4728 inhabitants/km²

This place in South Holland owes its name to the river that lies next to the municipality: the IJssel of course. In the last century this was still a small village with relatively few inhabitants. In the 1950s, the municipality slowly started to build new neighborhoods, so that more and more Rotterdammers moved to this place. The result? A population density of 4728 inhabitants per square kilometer.

4. Amsterdam – 5160 inhabitants/km²

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Amsterdam has conquered a place on this list. The capital of our country is incredibly busy, whether you look in the city center or in neighborhoods such as Amsterdam North or the Bijlmer. On average, there are 5160 inhabitants per square kilometer. And that’s not even counting the many tourists.

3. Haarlem – 5476 inhabitants/km²

Haarlem – 5476 inhabitants

Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland and therefore an important place in the region. This is noticeable with an average of 5476 inhabitants per square kilometer. The city is also close to Amsterdam, so it is not surprising that the hustle and bustle from the capital also spills over to this smaller town. What do you mainly know Haarlem from? Of the famous painters out there just natural!

2. Leiden – 5674 inhabitants/km²

Leiden – 5674 inhabitants

We are back in South Holland, this time in Leiden. This historic city has a beautiful center with various canals and ancient buildings. It has the oldest university in the Netherlands and is also close to the sea and The Hague. It is therefore not surprising that you will find an average of 5674 inhabitants per square kilometer here.

1. The Hague – 6459 inhabitants/km²

The Hague – 6459 inhabitants

It’s official: The Hague is the busiest city in the Netherlands with an average of 6459 inhabitants per square kilometer. That is almost a thousand more than Leiden. So it is not surprising that you will find countless apartment buildings and skyscrapers in this city, because where else would you put all those people? It is also the political center of the Netherlands, which means that all important people visit this city almost daily. That makes life in The Hague just a bit more chaotic.