Top 10 Largest Wadden Islands

By | January 27, 2023

The Dutch Wadden Islands are of course a well-known holiday destination for countless tourists, but the Wadden area is much larger. These islands can be found in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Where one island is so small that no one lives there, other islands are large enough for several villages. But which islands have the largest surface area? Here you will find the top 10 largest Wadden Islands. Check sunglassestracker for list of the 10 largest islands in the world.

10. Norderney, Germany – 26.29 square kilometers

Not far from the Dutch border you will find the German Wadden island of Norderney. The island has 6000 inhabitants and is easily accessible by several ferry services. The main village on the island is also called Norderney and is immediately a popular seaside resort that tourists like to visit. The island also has its own fishing port.

9. Borkum, Germany – 30.74 square kilometers

Borkum is part of the East Frisian Wadden Islands and is also the westernmost Wadden Island in Germany. At the moment 5473 people live on the island, the majority of which can be found in the main town of Borkum. The villages of Ostland and Reede can also be found on Borkum. The various lighthouses on the island are beautiful sights.

8. Vlieland, Netherlands – 36.13 square kilometers

With only 1,138 inhabitants, Vlieland is a very sparsely populated island, especially compared to some of the German Wadden Islands. There is only one place on the island, namely Oost-Vlieland. The place West-Vlieland used to be on the island, but this village was lost during a flood. The rest of Vlieland mainly consists of dunes, beaches and mudflats.

7. Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands – 43.99 square kilometers

Although Schiermonnikoog is a bit bigger than Vlieland, the island has fewer inhabitants. According to the latest figures, 936 people live on the island. Schiermonnikoog also consists of only one municipality, which also has the lowest population density in the whole of the Netherlands. The untouched nature is beautiful, with dune tops that can be up to 20 meters high.

6. Ameland, Netherlands – 58.83 square kilometers

The Dutch island of Ameland is located just above the province of Friesland. A total of 3,673 people live on the island spread over four villages: Hollum, Ballum, Nes and Buren. A few centuries ago, Ameland did not exist in its current form at all. These were three small islands that have grown together over the years.

5. Föhr, Germany – 82 square kilometers

The island of Föhr can be found in the northwest of Germany. The largest village on the island is Wyk, where the majority of the 8,649 inhabitants live. There are also sixteen other villages on Föhr, which is impressive for a Wadden island. The island can be reached by several ferries, but there is also a small airport.

4. Terschelling, Netherlands – 86.16 square kilometers

Terschelling is part of the larger Dutch Wadden Islands and has 4,890 inhabitants. Tourists fully enjoy a holiday on this island, because in total there are about 40 kilometers of beach on Terschelling. The 70 kilometers of cycle paths is on top of that. It is therefore not surprising that there are three times as many people on the island in the summer than in the winter.

3. Sylt, Germany – 99 square kilometers

Sylt, Germany - 99 square kilometers

Sylt is a German island and is one of the more northern Wadden Islands. Over the years, Sylt has slowly but surely shrunk, which is due to natural erosion. Yet this island is one of the largest of the Wadden Islands. It is easy to reach this island, as there is a causeway from the mainland to Sylt. There is also an airport, which also offers some international flights.

2. Rømø, Denmark – 130 square kilometers

Rømø, Denmark – 130 square kilometers

This is the first Danish island on this list, but it is an island with an impressive size. Rømø is 130 square kilometers in size and Denmark’s southernmost inhabited island. A dam runs from the island to the mainland, making it easy to travel to and from Rømø. That is important, because the island lives for a large part of tourism. These tourists especially want to come and explore the widest beach in Europe.

1. Texel, Netherlands – 161.12 square kilometers

Texel, Netherlands – 161.12 square kilometers

The largest Wadden Island is located in the Netherlands, not far from the mainland in North Holland. The municipality of Texel covers the entire island, but the small island of Noorderhaaks also belongs to the municipality. With a total of 13,547 inhabitants, this is the island with the largest population on this list. The largest village is located in the middle of the island and is called Den Burg. There are also six other villages on the island to explore.