Top 10 Largest Cities in Turkey

By | February 22, 2023

Turkey is a versatile country that has just as versatile cities. A number of popular cities are located by the sea, while you will also find large places inland. Have you always wanted to know more about the places in this country? Then read these top 10 largest cities in Turkey. Check relationshipsplus for list of European oldest cities.

10. Mersin (840,000 inhabitants)

This city owes its size to the port of Mersin. This is the largest port in Turkey. This port has been bringing people from all over the world to Mersin for centuries. As a result, the city contains a mix of cultures. People have lived here since the year 9,000 BC, so the city also has a rich history.

9. Kayseri (911,000 inhabitants)

In the middle of Turkey you will find this large city with more than 900,000 inhabitants. Kayseri is quite modern and is an important industrial city for Turkey. Which does not mean that the city does not have a long history, the region around Kayseri has been inhabited for thousands of years, witness neolithic settlements in the area such as Kültepe. The location of the city is special, because Kayseri is located at the foot of a dead volcano: Erciyes . This mountain still towers above the city with a height of more than three kilometers. There is a ski resort nearby and the town is often used as a transit point to Cappadocia.

8. Antalya (955,000 inhabitants)

If you want to visit a seaside resort where you can also see many impressive monuments, you should definitely go to Antalya. This Turkish place is frequented by tourists who want to enjoy the sea. In addition, Hadrian’s Gate and Karaalioglu are two important sights.

7. Konya (1,000,000 inhabitants)

Konya is also a city with a rich history, but today the modern buildings in the center are more noticeable. The biggest sights in this city are almost all religious buildings, each of which has something to do with Konya’s history. That makes this place a good destination if you want to learn something about the old and new culture in Turkey.

6. Gaziantep (1,500,000 inhabitants)

The town of Gaziantep is located in southeastern Turkey, not far from the border with Syria. The city has a beautiful historic center, but above all it has many museums. There are special museums for archaeology, ethnography, war and food. In Gaziantep you will find a rich kitchen full of delicious Turkish dishes.

5. Adana (1,560,000 inhabitants)

Adana is another popular southern city in Turkey. This place has a beautiful location on the Seyhan River: the longest river in Turkey that is in contact with the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a rich cultural life: with various theatres, museums and festivals, there is always something going on here. In addition, you also have plenty of opportunities to take a nice walk along the river, since there are several parks on this route.

4. Bursa (1,850,000 inhabitants)

Bursa has a northern location and almost borders the Sea of ​​Marmara. The city used to have an important function, as it was the important capital of the Ottoman Empire. This can still be seen today, because a large number of the most important sights in Bursa are mosques and thus show something of the Islamic past in the city.

3. Izmir (2,850,000 inhabitants)

Izmir (2,850,000 inhabitants)

Turkey’s third largest city is located in the western part of the country. Like many other important cities, Izmir also has a location by the sea. In this city you will find a number of beautiful historical buildings, such as the tomb of Tantalus and the Agora of Smyrna. These two sights tell you something about Izmir’s past and offer a glimpse into life in ancient times.

2. Ankara (4,580,000 inhabitants)

Ankara (4,580,000 inhabitants)

Many people don’t realize it, but Ankara is the real capital of Turkey. The city therefore has a central location in the interior of Turkey and is also filled with beautiful historic buildings. For example, there is the Citadel of Ankara, a structure that was built here by the Romans. Ancient Roman baths can also be found in the center of the city. Despite these reminders of the past, the center of Ankara is very modern. For example, some people compare the main square in the city to Times Square in New York.

1. Istanbul (14,000,000 inhabitants)

Istanbul (14,000,000 inhabitants)

With millions of inhabitants, Istanbul is number one on this list. It is not surprising that this city is so large today, because in ancient times it was the capital of the Roman Empire. Istanbul was then known as Constantinople. Istanbul is located in the northwest of Turkey, so the borders of Bulgaria and Greece are not far away. The historic center of the city is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but Istanbul is also an important modern metropolis that is growing very fast.