Top 10 Largest British Isles

By | January 30, 2023

The British Isles are located in the north of Europe. This archipelago consists of numerous tiny islands, but there are also huge islands in the group. Do you want to know which of these thousands of islands are the largest? You can read it in this top 10 largest British Isles. Check youremailverifier for list of countries with the most islands in the world.

10. Mainland (Orkney) – 523 square kilometers

Mainland is part of the Orkney Islands, an archipelago in the north of Scotland. The island owes its name to its size, as it is the largest and most important island in the group.

Large towns such as Kirkwall and Stromness are both on the Mainland. The history here is rich, with ancient excavations and structures dating back thousands of years. At the same time, the wild bays are a beautiful place for walkers and cyclists.

9. Isle of Man – 572 square kilometers

Isle of Man is located in the middle of the Irish Sea. Although Elizabeth II is head of state of the island, it is not officially part of the United Kingdom. In fact, the Isle of Man is not even part of the European Union.

A fun and special fact is that the cats (the Manx breed) on the island all have a typical appearance that you will not find anywhere else. They have a short and blunt tail.

8. Islay – 620 square kilometers

The island of Islay belongs to Scotland and is part of the Inner Hebrides. In total, more than 3,000 people live on the island, but many tourists also visit Islay. They want to enjoy some of the warm weather, as the island is often warmer than the Scottish mainland.

At the same time, a lot of whiskey is produced on the island and it is possible to spot waterfowl on the coast.

7. Anglesey – 714 square feet

Not far from the northwest coast of Wales you will find the island of Anglesey. It is a large island with a total of 70,000 inhabitants. This is partly due to how easy the island is to reach. There is an incredibly narrow stretch of water between Anglesey and the mainland of Wales, over which two bridges have been built. Intuitively, the island seems to belong to the mainland.

6. Mull – 875 square feet

Mull is one of the largest islands in Scotland, yet only 2,800 people live on the island. In the summer it is busy on the island, because then countless tourists come to Mull to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The town of Tobermory is the largest town on the island, where whiskey is also distilled. You also have the chance to admire beautiful castles on Mull.

5. Mainland (Shetland) – 969 square kilometers

This island also has the name Mainland, which is because it is the largest island of the Shetland Islands. Mainland belongs to Scotland and is located very north, about halfway between Scotland and Norway. In total there are 17,750 on the island, the majority of which live in Lerwick. Because the island has been occupied by countless populations, the history is very rich.

4. Skye – 1,656 square kilometers

The Isle of Skye is also part of the Inner Hebrides, an archipelago that belongs to Scotland. The island is the largest of this group and is also the northernmost.

If you want to explore the landscape of Skye, you will mainly encounter rugged rocks and impressive mountains. These are mainly located in the middle of the island.

3. Lewis and Harris – 2,179 square kilometers

Lewis and Harris - 2,179 square kilometers

It’s an unusual name for an island, and yet Lewis and Harris is one of the largest islands you’ll find around the UK. The name is due to the two parts of the island, namely the northern and the southern part. In the north you will find high mountains, while the south is relatively flat. These both have their own name. Lewis and Harris is part of Scotland.

2. Ireland – 81,638 square kilometers

Ireland – 81,638 square kilometers

Ireland is one of the largest and most famous islands you will find in the British Isles. Ireland is one island, but consists of two countries: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The republic does not belong to the United Kingdom, while Northern Ireland is part of it. The landscape is mild, with a lot of rainfall and beautiful green nature.

1. Great Britain – 209,331 square kilometers

Great Britain – 209,331 square kilometers

This island is not only the largest of the British Isles, but the largest island you will find in all of Europe. That is not surprising, because there are no less than three countries on Great Britain. You will find England, Scotland and Wales here. That also makes it a versatile place, with large metropolises, high mountains and beautiful beaches.