Top 10 Countries With The Least Tourists

By | March 19, 2023

Do you hate meeting other tourists on holiday? Then book a trip to one of the following ten countries, pretty sure you will only meet ‘locals’ there! This list previously appeared on the website of Gunnar Garfors, a die-hard traveler who has set himself the goal of visiting every country in the world. He only needs one more! His blog is a must read for all travel enthusiasts. Check computergees for list of countries with the highest average age.

10. Afghanistan – 17,500 Tourists

There has been war in Afghanistan for years, so it is not surprising that there are not many tourists. In the 60s and 70s of the last century, before the Russian occupation (1979 – 1989), this was different, Afghanistan was a holiday paradise, especially popular among the hippies.

9. Comoros – 15,000 Tourists

The Comoros consists of three islands in the Indian Ocean northwest of Madagascar. Until 1975, the French ruled the island. Since independence, it has often been unsettled, with more than thirty attempted coups d’état. What also does not help is that the guides state that the Malaria mosquito is present on the island. Gunnar Garfors was not bothered by this, and was very impressed by the coasts (and diving opportunities) and the friendly people on the island.

8. Sao Tome and Principe – 8,000 Tourists

Sao Tome & Principe also consists of an island group, of which Sao Tome and Principe are the two largest. The islands are found in the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of Africa. The islands are volcanic, mountainous and covered with lush tropical plants. The main reason for the low number of tourists is that it is almost impossible to reach the island, read here how it took Garfors 40 hours.

7. Turkmenistan – 7,000 Tourists

The Asian country of Turkmenistan is also known as the third craziest country in the world (after North Korea, of course). One of the most famous sights in the country is the “Door to Hell”, a large burning hole in Derweze.

6. Equatorial Guinea – 6,000 Tourists

Equatorial Guinea, the only African country where Spanish is spoken, is virtually impossible to enter. Obtaining a tourist visa is bureaucratic hell.

5. Marshall Islands – 5,000 Tourists

We have already mentioned the Marshall Islands in a list of the best diving locations: “The Marshall Islands are probably the best place to view wrecks. Between 1946 and 1958, the Americans experimented with nuclear weapons here. As a result, many shipwrecks can be found here, including the very large USS Saratoga and the Japanese warship Nagato. The radioactivity was too high on the islands for a while, but in the meantime the islands are accessible again, and the islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “
Why then so few people go there? It’s shockingly expensive!

4. Kiribati – 4,700 Tourists

Kiribati - 4,700 Tourists

Around the island republic of Kiribati in Oceania is one of the largest protected natural areas in the world, the Phoenix Islands: The largest part of the area consists of ocean more than 4 km deep. Here you can find underwater volcanoes that provide a unique living environment. Here, too, the low number of tourists is due to the fact that it is very difficult to reach.

3. Tuvalu – 1,200 Tourists

Tuvalu – 1,200 Tourists

The archipelago of Tuvalu is also almost impossible to reach. If you ever want to go there again, you also have to be quick. If the water continues to rise, this will be the first land that will disappear underwater!

2. Somalia – 500 Tourists

In Somalia, a bloody war has been raging for years, poverty is rampant, it is a hotbed for terrorism, and they live under strict Sharia law. Not the first country you think of going on holiday to.

1. Nauru – 200 Tourists

Nauru – 200 Tourists

Number three in the list of smallest countries, after tourist cities Vatican City and Monaco. It is therefore not surprising that not many tourists come to this very small island where only 10,000 people live.