Togo Culture of Business

By | July 24, 2022


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N/A it is possible to be inspired by information for Ghana, some customs will be similar


How to reach business partners?

Business meeting






Public Holidays

Public holidays 1 January 13 January 24 January 27 April 1 May 15 August 24 September 1 November 25 December TabaskiId al-Fitr Birth of the Prophet

Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes

The Togolese Investment Code allows for the settlement of investment disputes involving foreigners in one of several ways: the provision of bilateral agreements between the Government of Togo (GOT) and the government of the investor; arbitration procedures agreed between the parties involved; or through the authorities of the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States Togo has adopted and implemented regional trade laws through the Organization for the Harmonization of Trade Laws in Africa (OHADA). While their enforcement is limited by weak legal and judicial systems, the government is currently implementing a justice modernization project to improve transparency. The lack of transparency and predictability of the judiciary is a serious obstacle to the enforcement of property and judicial rights, and similar difficulties apply to administrative procedures. It is a very small economy with a significant presence of French companies and high competition from cheap Asian goods. The Czech company must be prepared for non-standard procedures and actions of the partner. Various fraudulent activities of Togolese companies aimed at luring goods or money from Czech companies or natural persons appear very often (their spectrum is constantly expanding). Again, corporate financial information is often unavailable and often unreliable. The institutional framework has a number of problematic shortcomings. ZÚ recommends effective protection of payments (e.g. 100% guaranteed payment in advance, irrevocable letter of credit, etc.). It is necessary to take into account the practical unenforceability of any claims. Visit Allunitconverters for more information about Togo culture and traditions.

Visas, fees, specific conditions for traveling to the territory

The visa can be obtained at the Embassy of Togo in Berlin. It is possible to travel to Lomé from Europe directly from Paris by Air France, or fly into nearby Accra and travel to Lomé by land. Togo is a heavily malarial area. Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory. We also recommend vaccination against typhoid, meningitis and jaundice type A and B. Travelers are strongly advised to contact a doctor before the trip and to consult any health risks before the trip. Ambassade du Togo à Berlin, Allemagne Grabbeallee 43 13156 Berlin – Allemagne Tel.: (+49) 30 499 089 68 / (+49) 30 484 764 71 Fax: (+49) 30 499 089 67 /

  • Programingplease: Yearbook 2010 of nation Togo, including population, politics, and abbreviations.

Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic

Decree No. 96-113 on the general conditions for granting visas, residence permits and special regimes of 1996 establishes the principle that foreigners seeking employment in Togo must obtain a work permit in addition to a residence permit. The 2006 Labor Code states that the employer must apply for a work permit and must obtain confirmation of the employment contract from the supervisor of the relevant worker. It states the conditions for the certification of the employment contract: professional competence of the worker, compliance of the contract with mandatory labor standards and compliance with immigration legislation; that the certification of the employment contract is valid for two years and can be renewed once. The Labor Code ensures equal treatment of foreign nationals. Foreigners, regardless of their legal status, generally benefit from all the obligations and rights of labor law regulations.

Fairs and events

Togo Culture of Business