TOEFL Test Centers in Virginia, USA

By | February 16, 2019

TOEFL Test Centers in Virginia

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in the state of Virginia. The list below shows testing locations for computer based TOEFL exam. Please scroll down to find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses) in Virginia.

  1. Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute – STN13076A
    840 University City Blvd, Suite 2,
    Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 United States
  2. Roanoke Higher Education Center – STN15040A
    108 N Jefferson Street, Room 413,
    Roanoke, Virginia 24016 United States
  3. Roanoke – Electric Road – APCN-4718
    2727 Electric Rd., 2nd Floor,
    Roanoke, Virginia 24018 United States

Virginia TOEFL iBT

Virginia Area Codes

Short for VA, Virginia was admitted to United States on 06/25/1863. The capital city is Richmond. With an area of 110,785 km², Virginia has a population of 8,411,808. The population density is 75.93 people per km². According to ALLCITYCODES, Virginia has 7 area codes: 276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804. If you need to call your testing center, please be sure to add such an area code before phone number you are given.

Virginia Economy

The economy of Virginia is highly developed and extremely diverse. One of the largest employers in the state is the United States government, Virginia is home to several major government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Science Foundation, the USGS, the FBI Academy, several military bases, and many more. Virginia’s industry is characterized primarily by high-tech industries. Soybeans, corn, tobacco are grown on the fields of the state. Virginia is one of the largest seafood producers in the United States of America.

National parks in Virginia

The state of Virginia has one National Park – Shenandoah. Located in the state’s upstate, in the Appalachians, it includes sections of the Blue Ridge Range, the Shenandoah River Valley, and the Piedmont Plateau.

The most popular attraction of the park is the road (Skyline Drive, “Horizon Highway”), laid almost along the top of the ridge, along which there are many viewing platforms with impressive views. The Appalachian Trail, a popular hiking trail, also runs through the park.

Shenandoah National Park was created in 1935.

National Monuments in Virginia

Birthplace of George Washington, 1st President of the United States, near the city of Montross.

Fort Monroe in the city of Hampton, built in the first half of the 19th century to protect the coast and shipping lanes.

National Monument to Booker Tagliaferro Washington, an outstanding teacher and educator, one of the leaders of black Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Located near the village of Hardy, on the site where the farm was located, on which Booker Washington was born into slavery in 1856.

National Historic Parks in Virginia

Colonial National Historical Park, which includes several sites related to the history of the Virginia Colony:

  • “Colonial Boulevard” – a road connecting the peaks of the “historic triangle of Virginia” (Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg);
  • Jamestown – the place where the first settlement of the colonists in Virginia was located;
  • Battlefield of Yorktown, where the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War was fought in 1781 Also located here is Yorktown National Cemetery;
  • Green Spring Plantation, where in the 17th century the governor of the colony of Virginia, William Berkeley, experimented with growing various crops, which had a significant impact on the development of the economy of Virginia;
  • The Cape Henry Memorial at the site of the first landing in Virginia.

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park in southwestern Virginia (as well as neighboring states of Kentucky and Tennessee), celebrating the history of the westward expansion of the United States from the Appalachians.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in northern Virginia (as well as in the neighboring states of Maryland and West Virginia), dedicated to the history of the region and, most notably, “John Brown’s Raid” in 1859.

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park near Middletown, where one of the battles of the Civil War took place on October 10, 1864.

Appomatox City Courthouse, where, during the American Civil War, on April 9, 1865, Confederate General Robert E. Lee delivered the papers of surrender to Northern General Ulysses Grant.

National Historic Landmarks (Places) in the State of Virginia

Historic Jamestown is the site of the first settlement of colonists in Virginia in 1607.

Home of Maggie Walker, the first African-American woman in the United States to become president of a bank. Built in 1909.

Battlefield National Parks in Virginia

Manassas Battlefield National Park (also known as the “Battles of the Bull Run River”), where battles of the American Civil War took place on July 21, 1861 and August 28-30, 1862.

Richmond Battlefields National Park – thirteen locations in the Virginia capital city of Richmond, where battles took place during the Civil War.

National military parks in Virginia

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, which hosted four major Civil War battles from 1862–1864. Also located here is the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.