TOEFL Test Centers in Oklahoma, USA

By | February 16, 2019

TOEFL Test Centers in Oklahoma

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in the state of Oklahoma. The list below shows testing locations for computer based TOEFL exam. Please scroll down to find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses) in Oklahoma.

  1. Oklahoma City, OK – APCN-0901
    3545 Nw 58th St., Suite 210-c,
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 United States
    1524 W. Admiral, Cbt Testing Center,
    Stillwater, Oklahoma 740783061 United States
  3. Oklahoma State University – Stillwater – STN12138A
    Testing Center, 107 Uat Building,
    Stillwater, Oklahoma 740786043 United States
  4. Tulsa – East Skelly Drive – APCN-5472
    3015 East Skelly Dr, Ste 254,
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 United States

Oklahoma TOEFL iBT

Oklahoma Area Codes

Short for OK, Oklahoma was admitted to United States on 11/16/1907. The capital city is Oklahoma City. With an area of 181,035 km², Oklahoma has a population of 3,923,561. The population density is 21.67 people per km². According to ALLCITYCODES, Oklahoma has 4 area codes: 405, 539, 580, 918. If you need to call your testing center, please be sure to add such an area code before phone number you are given.

Modern History of Oklahoma

Due to the fact that there were a lot of people who wanted to get land, the distribution of allotments was carried out according to the principle of “land race”: whoever got to the site first – he occupied it. Despite the fact that, according to the law, people who came to the site before the official start of the race were deprived of the right to claim it, many people hid in the chosen plots the night before. Such “hurry-ups” were nicknamed sooners (“those who managed to be the first”), later this nickname spread to all residents of Oklahoma.

About fifty thousand people participated in the famous first “land race”, which began at noon on April 22, 1889. Formerly almost a desert land, Oklahoma suddenly became a populated territory, the cities of Oklahoma City and Guthrie appeared in just a few days. Within two weeks, the first school opened, and a month later there were five banks and six newspapers in Oklahoma City.

In the nineties of the last century, several more “land races” were held in Oklahoma, the largest of which (and the most massive in US history) was the “Race on the Cherokee Strip” on September 16, 1893. On this day, more than one hundred thousand people claimed plots with a total area of ​​26,000 km 2.

On May 2, 1890, the Oklahoma Territory was created, which included the western counties of the modern state. The rapid growth of the population of Oklahoma, as well as the desire of the Indians to create their own state (which was supposed to be called “Sequoia” in honor of the famous creator of the Cherokee script) led to the fact that on November 16, 1907, US President Theodore Roosevelt signed the law on the formation of the state of Oklahoma, which became the forty-sixth US state.

The first capital of the new state was the city of Guthrie, but already in 1910 it was decided to transfer the capital to Oklahoma City.