TOEFL Test Centers in Ohio, USA

By | February 16, 2019

TOEFL Test Centers in Ohio

The TOEFL iBT test is offered in the state of Ohio. The list below shows testing locations for computer based TOEFL exam. Please scroll down to find the most up-to-date list of available test centers (including addresses) in Ohio.

  1. Columbus – Worthington – APCN-1409
    450 W. Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 210,
    Worthington, Ohio 43085 United States
  2. Mansfield, OH – APCN-1416
    625 Lexington Ave, Suite 6,
    Mansfield, Ohio 44907 United States
  3. Dayton – Fairborn OH – APCN-3419
    2600 Paramount Place, Suite 190,
    Fairborn, Ohio 45324 United States
  4. Akron, OH – APCN-1402
    1000 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd, Suite 104,
    Akron, Ohio 44333 United States
    033 Bromley Hall, 42 West Union St,
    Athens, Ohio 45701 United States
  6. Cleveland – Middleburg Heights – APCN-1411
    7261 Engle Road, Suite 203,
    Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130 United States


Ohio Area Codes

Short for OH, Ohio was admitted to United States on 03/01/1803. The capital city is Columbus. With an area of 116,096 km², Ohio has a population of 11,614,373. The population density is 100.04 people per km². According to ALLCITYCODES, Ohio has 12 area codes: 216, 220, 234, 330, 380, 419, 440, 513, 567, 614, 740, 937. If you need to call your testing center, please be sure to add such an area code before phone number you are given.

Some Notable Ohio Natives and Residents

  • Tecumseh (Tecumseh, c. 1768–1813) is a famous Indian leader who organized and led resistance to US expansion into the lands of Indian peoples. Born in the area of ​​modern Cincinnati.
  • John Rankin (John Rankin, 1793-1886) – priest and abolitionist, one of the organizers of the Underground Railroad, which saved runaway slaves. Born in Tennessee but later lived in Ohio.
  • William Tecumseh Sherman (William Tecumseh Sherman, 1820–1891) was a famous general in the US Army during the American Civil War. Born in Lancaster.
  • Ulysses Grant (Ulysses Grant, 1822-1885) – 18th President of the United States. Born in Point Pleasant.
  • Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822-1893) – 19th President of the United States. Born in Delaware.
  • George Hunt Pendleton (George Hunt Pendleton, 1825–1889) was a famous politician. Born in Cincinnati.
  • James Abram Garfield (James Abram Garfield, 1831-1881) – 20th President of the United States. Born in the town of Moreland
  • Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901) – 23rd President of the United States. Born in the town of North Bend.
  • Victoria Woodhull (Victoria Woodhull, 1838-1927) is one of the leaders of the suffragette movement in the United States. First female candidate for President of the United States. Born in the village of Homer.
  • George Armstrong Custer (1839–1876) was a famous cavalry officer during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars. Born in the village of New Rumley.
  • William McKinley (1843-1901) – 25th President of the United States. Born in Niles.
  • Thomas Alva Edison (Thomas Alva Edison, 1847-1931) is a famous inventor and businessman. Born in the city of Milan.
  • Daniel Carter Beard (Daniel Carter Beard, 1850-1941) – writer, illustrator, social reformer. Founder of the Boy Scout movement. Born in Cincinnati.
  • William Howard Taft (1857-1930) – 27th President of the United States. Born in Cincinnati.
  • Annie Oakley (Annie Oakley, 1860-1926 ) – became famous as a marksman, a participant in the show Buffallo Bill “Wild West”. She was born in the village of Willowdell.
  • Charles Young (Charles Young, 1864-1922) – born into slavery, he became the first black officer of the highest rank (colonel) in the US Army. Born in Kentucky but later lived in Ohio.
  • Warren Gamaliel Harding (1865–1923) 29th President of the United States. Born in Blooming Grove.
  • Kenesaw Mountain Landis (Kenesaw Mountain Landis, 1866-1944) – lawyer, judge, first Major League Baseball commissioner. Born in Millville.
  • Wilbur Wright (Wilbur Wright, 1867-1912) – one of the brothers who created the first aircraft. Born in Indiana, but later lived in Ohio.
  • Denton True “Cy” Young (Denton True “Cy” Young, 1867–1955) was a famous baseball player. Born in the village of Gilmore.
  • Orville Wright (1871-1948) – one of the brothers who created the first aircraft. Born in Dayton.
  • Zane Gray ( 1872–1939) was a popular writer. Born in Zanesville.
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar (Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872-1906) – poet and writer, one of the first African Americans to become famous in the literary field. Born in Dayton.
  • Charles Franklin Kettering ( 1876–1958) was a famous engineer and inventor. Born in the town of Loudonville.
  • Robert Holbrook “Dr. Bob” Smith (Robert Holbrook “Dr. Bob” Smith, 1879–1950) was a physician and one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Born in Vermont but later lived in Ohio.
  • Edward “Eddie” Vernon Rickenbacker (Eddie” Vernon Rickenbacker, 1890-1973) – the famous military pilot of the First World War, racing driver, creator of cars and one of the pioneers of transport aviation. Born in Columbus.
  • William Clark Gable ( 1901-1960) is a famous film actor. Born in the city of Cadiz.
  • James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens (James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens, 1913–1980) was a legendary track and field athlete. Born in Alabama but later lived in Ohio.
  • Dean Martin ( 1917-1995) is a popular singer and actor. Born in Steubenville.
  • John Herschel Glenn Jr. (John Herschel Glenn Jr., 1921-2016) – astronaut (the first American to make an orbital flight) and politician. Born in the city of Cambridge.
  • Doris Day (Doris Day, 1922–2019) is a popular singer. Born in Cincinnati.
  • Paul Leonard Newman (Paul Leonard Newman, 1925-2008) – famous actor, director and racing driver. Born in Shaker_Heights.
  • Neil Alden Armstrong ( 1930-2012) – pilot, astronaut and teacher. The first person to walk on the surface of the moon. Born in the town of Wapakoneta.
  • Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III (Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III, 1938–) is a businessman and founder of CNN. Born in Cincinnati.
  • Peter Edward “Pete” Rose ( 1941–) is a famous baseball player. Born in Cincinnati.
  • Steven Allan Spielberg (Steven Allan Spielberg, 1946–) is a famous film director. Born in Cincinnati.
  • Judith Arlene Resnik ( 1949–1986) was the second American female astronaut. Born in Akron.
  • Halle Maria Berry (Halle Maria Berry, 1966–) is the first black actress to win an Oscar for her lead role. Born in Cleveland.