Tips for What to Do the Week Before Your GMAT

By | April 30, 2018

Here are some tips for what to do the week before your GMAT.


Now is a great time to review all your notes, review all the different types of questions you’ve seen, observe your most common mistakes, etc.


Preferably 7 to 5 days before your test. You’ll need a quiet, uninterrupted environment, turn off your phone, do not let anything distract you, and use a stopwatch to simulate the real time of the race, take all the breaks at the scheduled time.


Tips for What to Do the Week Before Your GMAT


You will need to be rested and willing to achieve the results you worked hard for, so make sure you get a full night’s sleep before the race. Go to bed early, avoid major disturbances, and rest your mind: you will need it at full power.


The week before the GMAT is not ideal to test that new Asian fusion restaurant that just opened in the city, much less to go to that loaded feijoada. You need your body to behave the best it can, so invest in light and healthy meals. In addition, on the day of the test you should enjoy a breakfast rich in protein.

  • RELAX:

It’s no use spending your last minutes stressed out with the proof, or with some of the content you’re not so sure about. All this tension will only hurt you. You worked hard here, and did your best to prepare. Try to relax, do a light show with the family, a trip to the movies or the theater will bring more positive results than a marathon of last minute studies.