Terrace Decoration in Summer

By | February 10, 2024

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining, the T-shirt weather has arrived – summer is beginning! A great time to spruce up your patio and make it really cozy with patio decorations ! No matter whether you are planning a barbecue with friends or just want to chill on the terrace, the terrace is one of the places where summer is most fun! In this blog article we present you patio decoration ideas to make your summer even more beautiful!

What do you need on the terrace?

  • A level surface:whether stone slabs or a wooden terrace – so that the garden furniture and the grill do not tip over, the terrace floor should be firm and straight.
  • Privacy:Depending on the type of home you have, you may want to create privacy on the patio.
  • Sun protection:It can get really hot, especially on the south-facing terrace. Whether it’s a patio roof, sun sail or parasol – sun protection on the terrace protects against sunburn and sunstroke.
  • Garden furniture or patio furniture: Garden table and garden chairs are perfect for the barbecue evening. It gets chilled out with seating shells, beach chairs, garden sofas and garden loungers.
  • Terrace lighting: Even a long summer day is coming to an end. With lighting for the patio, the summer fun will last even longer!
  • Patio decoration:Small details make the terrace even more beautiful!

Mediterranean patio decoration: Decorate your patio the Mediterranean way

A terrace with Mediterranean decoration literally invites the sun! For example, outdoor tiles made of terracotta or a terrace floor made of natural stone are suitable as a floor for a Mediterranean-style terrace. As flower decorations for the terrace, you can use Mediterranean flowers such as hibiscus, bougainvillea and oleander and Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, laurel trees in pots and lavender in pots. Since the Mediterranean area also includes oriental areas such as Morocco, Turkey and Syria, decorations made from palm trees also fit into the Mediterranean decoration concept. Terracotta decorations such as antique-looking pots fit perfectly into your Mediterranean terrace decoration. You can also find more Mediterranean garden ideas in our blog article “ 7+ great ideas for Mediterranean garden decoration ”. See vintagenowtrending for great autumn decoration ideas with flowers.

Terrace decoration country house and terrace decoration in shabby chic

The country house style is a permanent trend in the decoration world – country house decoration also looks good as patio decoration! For the country house terrace, it is best to use country house style garden furniture or French bistro furniture made of cast iron. Of course, flowers should not be missing from the country house decoration on the terrace : hydrangeas, begonias, etc. find their home in buckets, pots and planters. Decorative objects from the world of shabby chic decoration also fit perfectly with your country house terrace: vintage decorations such as window frames designed in shabby chic are the ideal wall decoration for outside! Wildflower bouquets or dried flowers in brick shapes or vases are a great idea as table decorations for the terrace in country house style and shabby chic.

Modern patio decoration

Vintage not your thing? Then perhaps modern decoration for the terrace is something for you! For a modern look on the terrace, pay attention to clear lines and edges and avoid unnecessary frills. Lantern decoration actually suits every decoration style, for modern decoration you can rely on lanterns with a modern design. To illuminate the lantern, you can choose between fairy lights, large pillar candles, or LED candles with a moving flame, which look deceptively similar to the original.

Scandinavian patio decoration

Light woods, an almost ethereally light atmosphere? You can achieve this with modern Scandi decorations on the terrace! The Swedish philosophy “Lagom” is about finding the right balance, neither cultivating austere minimalism nor, at the other extreme, indulging in suffocating maximalism – this is clearly reflected in Swedish decoration. In addition, nature-friendly materials are now very popular in Scandi style; fast-growing raw materials such as rattan, jute, seagrass and the like protect our planet. Wooden floors go best with the Scandinavian look terrace.

Boho patio decoration: Terrace in a boho look

Would you like a chillout area on the terrace? Terrace decoration in boho chic decoration exudes casual cosiness ! The relaxed hippie style is perfect for summer and the terrace. For boho decoration on the terrace, it’s best to use rattan garden furniture and decorative features using the Moroccan macrame weaving technique. Hanging chairs and hammocks are particularly relaxed seating and lounging options for the boho terrace. Boho cushions, oriental outdoor rugs or rugs made of sisal, jute or other natural materials and knotted blankets ensure relaxed, carefree feeling. Of course, candles and lanterns are perfect for boho-style patio lighting ! You can also find balcony decoration ideas in boho chic in our blog article “ Boho chic: Naturally casual balcony decoration for the summer ”.

Decorate the small terrace

Little space on the terrace? On small terraces, the available space must be used cleverly! Rely on small patio furniture, or patio furniture that folds or folds. Terrace decoration for the wall saves valuable space on the small terrace. Vertical beds allow you to bring the greenery onto the terrace to save space, and you can also plant strawberries vertically. Lanterns can also be used as patio wall decorations, outdoor shelves for the wall give you some space for decorations. Hanging decorations for the terrace, such as hanging baskets, hanging decorative figures, stylish hanging outdoor lighting such as LED fairy lights with vintage light bulbs also save space and still create an inviting ambience on the small terrace.

Terrace decoration: plants and flowers

There are many ways to decorate the terrace with plants: Planted fruit boxes are a great idea as vintage terrace decorations. If your terrace has railing, you can also fill flower boxes with your favorite plants. Potted plants on the terrace can sometimes be a little larger; for example, cypress in a pot or oleander in a pot are suitable for the Mediterranean terrace. For the terrace in the French country house style, cut boxwood, roses and lavender are the right choice. Even some fruit trees such as peaches, nectarines and peach trees can be grown in containers.

Patio decoration for the wall: patio decoration maritime and more

Wall decoration for the terrace also uses vertical space. The house facade, the garden wall or the privacy screen usually offer unused space for decoration. For example, you can decorate the terrace walls with funny signs. If the walls are somewhat protected from rain, wreaths are also a great patio wall decoration, especially for natural living styles such as country house style, shabby chic and Scandi style. For fans of maritime decoration, we have maritime wooden decorations for hanging such as maritime paddles ( Dijk Natural Collections ) and maritime signs (e.g. from Posiwio ) in our program.

Patio lighting: Beautiful light on the terrace

When the sun says goodbye on a long summer evening, but you still want to enjoy a few hours in the warm summer air, you of course also need some lighting for the terrace. From the simple hanging lamp that is attached to the roof, to LED fairy lights in various designs, to patio lighting with real candles, you are spoiled for choice. Candle decorations in particular, such as candles in glasses, various lanterns on a tray, or candles in candlesticks, create absolute cosiness. Lanterns with large pillar candles or LED candles are protected from wind. Outdoor lanterns are available in many different looks: very straight, modern lanterns, cool industrial lanterns, white shabby chic lanterns and vintage lanterns with nostalgic charm.

Ideas for homemade patio decorations: table decorations for the patio and more

Hanging patio decoration in a country house or cottagecore look

This DIY decoration with dried flowers is the perfect hanging wall decoration for the terrace! All you need is jute ribbon, wooden clothespins and dried flowers. Wrap the stems of your dried flowers with jute ribbon and stretch jute twine between the roof rafters on your patio. You can attach the band, for example, with eyelets that can easily be drilled into the wood. Attach your dried flower bouquets at regular intervals with the wooden clothespins and the summer flower decoration for the terrace is ready!

Make a simple brick-shaped table decoration for the terrace yourself

With a vintage brick mold or wooden brick mold you can quickly make a great table decoration for the terrace: all you need is a brick mold, a few dried flowers and a matching candle holder. Place the candlestick in the brick mold and drape the dried flowers around the candlestick.

Special and unusual patio decoration ideas

Hollywood swing on the terrace

Hollywood swings used to be found on almost every terrace or dacha. Over time they have fallen out of fashion, but the revival of the comfortable porch swing is definitely coming! You could bring an old porch swing into the 21st century with new cushions and a new upholstery material if you’re less interested in the charm of the 70s. With striped fabric, the porch swing becomes a maritime porch swing, with floral fabric it fits with the country house terrace.

Swing bench: Hanging benches on the terrace

In the USA they are very popular on verandas called “porches”: If the roof of the terrace is made of wood and is sturdy enough, you can also attach a bench swing to your terrace using the appropriate eyelets, a bench and sturdy ropes or chains.

Beach chairs from the terrace with maritime decorations

Some people can’t get enough of the beach. Fans of maritime patio decorations and garden decorations with a sea look will do well with a beach chair on the patio. Maritime decorations such as a maritime- decorated lantern with shell decorations, maritime table decorations such as fish displays, maritime patio decorations for hanging such as the funny jellyfish from Boltze Home Collections also go well with the beach chair.

Hammocks on the terrace

Summer heat, music on your ears, a cool drink in your hand and really relaxing: hammocks spread coziness on the terrace! If your roof is made of wood, you can simply attach large hooks for hammocks to the pillars. The alternative to setting up a hammock on the terrace is a hammock stand.

Outdoor yoga corner

Sport, exercise and relaxation in the fresh air is much cooler than indoors! Turn your covered terrace into a yoga corner or use it for outdoor sports! All you need is some space and your sports mat, then bodyweight exercises and yoga can easily be done outdoors.

Cinema on the terrace

For the outdoor cinema, all you need is a projector, speakers, a white house wall or a screen and a player (e.g. a laptop), and the series finale, cult film or blockbuster can be enjoyed outdoors. Add a few snacks from the grill, a few ice-cold beers and cocktails and the movie evening in the garden can begin! Tip: You can also make popcorn on the grill !

Outdoor whirlpool on the terrace

Relax after work, let your gaze wander over the blooming garden and enjoy the summer: your own outdoor spa to relax in the summer? What more do you want. If you have the necessary space and are not afraid of the effort, you can also put a whirlpool on the terrace. The surface for the terrace whirlpool must be absolutely level; electricity and water are also necessary. It is best to have the whirlpool installed by a specialist company.

Sun protection and patio roofing ideas

Whether sun protection or protection from the rain for barbecue fun in the outdoor kitchen all year round: a roof over the terrace is practical, creates privacy and protects the garden furniture from bird attacks and the weather.

Patio roofing made of glass and metal

Permanently installed patio roofs made of glass and metal have been growing in popularity for years. No wonder: once installed, this type of roofing lasts a very long time. Combined with an electric awning, these roofs are the ideal choice if the terrace is directly in front of the house. If you want to spend time on the terrace in summer, simply extend the awning. If you need more daylight in the living room, simply retract the awning. One disadvantage of the glass roof, however, is cleaning the glass surface; a few times a year you have to clean the glass with a telescopic scrubber and ladder. Wear-resistant glass makes cleaning work a lot easier.

Pavilion as a terrace roof

There are many different types of pavilions, the simple, unadorned models with poly film are usually only put up in the summer and disappear back into the shed or basement in the fall. Permanently installed pavilions are made of metal or wood, with fixed roofs, or with a fabric roof. Pavilions with roofs made of wood and roofing felt, corrugated iron, or glass are significantly more durable than pavilions made of fabric. The latter tend to tear during summer thunderstorms and storms. It is important to anchor your pavilion in the ground; it is best to set the posts in concrete or at least weigh them down with paving slabs so that there are no nasty surprises after summer thunderstorms. A carport can also be converted into a roof over the terrace.

Parasol and sun sail on the terrace

This patio cover is particularly suitable as sun protection. Advantage: Awnings and parasols are often inexpensive and can be installed quickly. Disadvantages: Awnings do not protect against other weather conditions and have to be dismantled or folded up before storms and are not suitable for windy days.

Pergola as a terrace roof

Another option for the patio roof is the pergola. A pergola usually does not have a solid roof, but only criss-crossing wooden slats on which sun protection can be attached. You can cover the pergola with fabric, reed mats or wicker for summer sun protection. The sun protection for the terrace becomes more permanent with a corrugated iron roof, but when installing corrugated iron, remember to install a slight slope so that water can drain away unhindered. Solar panels can also be attached to the pergola. One of the most beautiful ideas for patio decoration is a pergola covered in vines; wine in particular shows a great play of colors in the foliage over the seasons.

Flooring for the terrace: terrace floor ideas

The patio substrate contributes significantly to the design of the patio. There are a few things to consider when choosing floors.

Wooden patio floor

A wooden patio floor is also called a “deck” in English. You walk across your terrace like you would on the ship’s deck, but of course without the unpleasant swaying! A wooden floor is a great way to straighten a sloping patio. However, the wooden decking for the terrace must be cleaned, sanded and repainted every few years so that the wood remains durable and attractive.

Terrace floor made of natural stone

Natural stone floors for the terrace look great and, once laid, are also quite easy to care for. Every few years they can simply be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Laying is not that easy and should best be left to a specialist company so that the result is visually appealing and nice and flat.

Concrete patio floor

Concrete blocks as a patio floor are probably the most cost-effective of all patio floors; they are available in numerous shapes, formats and sizes. However, concrete floors have some disadvantages: They give off heat at night in summer, which is why concrete floors make the neighborhood warmer, which can be very uncomfortable in summers with record heat.

Patio privacy protection ideas

Particularly in terraced house developments, or if you live in a semi-detached house, a privacy screen on the terrace is desirable. Below we will introduce you to some patio privacy ideas!

Patio privacy screen made of wood and other natural materials

A wooden patio privacy screen is one of the most common ways to create privacy on the patio. Wooden privacy screens can be varied in color, from natural wood nuances to trendy, colorful colors. Everything is possible. However, depending on the location, you will have to repaint the wooden privacy screen about every 2-4 years. Braided privacy screens made from willow branches are also a popular option that fits well into the natural garden, but also goes perfectly with the country house terrace or boho terrace. Privacy screens made from reeds and bamboo are fairly inexpensive privacy options, but are less durable than wooden privacy screens.

Raised bed on the terrace as a privacy screen

You can kill two birds with one stone with a raised bed as a patio privacy screen. Most raised beds are only around 70 cm high, but when grown with herbs or vegetable plants, the edible privacy provider suddenly becomes twice as high in the summer. Bonus: home-grown sun-ripened tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, herbs and lettuce within easy reach on the terrace! Tip: It’s best to start creating your raised bed in autumn, then there will usually be enough garden waste such as twigs, leaves and grass clippings to fill your raised bed. Tips for creating a raised bed can be found on NDR, among others. You can find tips for balcony vegetables in our blog article “ 5 great tips for your own balcony vegetables ”.

Covered fences as privacy screens on the terrace

There is a fence, but the privacy screen is missing? Don’t feel like sticking ugly plastic film into the steel mesh fence? Then just plant your fences! From wine to rambler roses and climbing roses, kiwi plants and even cucumbers are suitable as a living privacy screen for the terrace. You can find out more about climbing and climbing plants in our blog article “ 10 great climbing plants and climbing plants as greenery and privacy protection ”.

Hedges as privacy screens

A completely natural way to create a lively privacy screen for the terrace is to plant a hedge. Thuja, arborvitae and cherry laurel are options, but the plants are not particularly nature-friendly, they do not produce flowers that are interesting for insects, they do not provide an attractive nesting place for birds, the Nabu even describes the cherry laurel as a “ highly toxic, ecological pest ”. Alternatives to these hedge plants include yew, beech hedges and hedges with fragrant dog roses.

Covered fences as privacy screens on the terrace