Tailored Resume

By | September 14, 2019

Tailored Resume



This section should include your full name, address, and telephone number (with area code) and email if you have it. Double check your phone number.

Job Objective

The “job objective” should be a clear, single job title, which describes your immediate career goal. An example would be, “entry-level accounting position.”


This is the most important part of your resume and should include specific skills related to the job for which you are applying. Here you should organize your “transferable” skills into an order, which emphasizes the most important/valuable skills first, your secondary skills would follow, and if appropriate, your “minor” skills would be summarized last. Resources to assist you in identifying and summarizing your skills may include your training at LBCC, the individual course descriptions within your program (see LBCC catalog), your past work experiences, and volunteer experiences. Each skill should be written by beginning with a “action” verb and it should describe an achievement pertaining to the job objective. An example would be: “Review cost effectiveness of monthly billing procedure.””


List your degree or certificate or your major first followed by the date(s). Follow with the name of the college, city and state (Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon) and then any additional courses/certificates specifically related to the position you are applying for last. Some people include their grade point average, honor society membership and date of graduation.


You have a choice of either listing past employers and/or faculty members who have had knowledge of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments, or you may simply state, “References furnished upon request.” Either way, be sure to obtain the permission of your references first. The “References” sheet is usually given at the time of the interview

Tailored Resume #2




City, State Zip

Phone #

Email Address



Objective:            (Briefly describe the job you want using the job title.)

To obtain a Metals Engineering position in Metallurgy.


Qualifications:     (Start with your major transferable skills and go down to secondary skills)


Performed failure analysis.


Conduct safety analyses on equipment, tooling and facilities that identify design requirements that must be included in the drawing system.


Researched and developed new techniques for the performance of product inspection, laboratory analysis and nondestructive material testing.


Have excellent verbal & written communication skills.


Work well as a team member to problem solve and create solutions.


Education:           Associate of Applied Science Degree in Metallurgy, June 1997

                             Linn-Benton Community College

Albany, Oregon


References Available Upon Request

Tailored Resume